What is A Spring Mattress—Types, Advantages, and Disadvantages

What is a spring mattress?? It is foam containing metal coils inside for the support. 

Spring Mattress
Spring Mattress

When we talk about the traditional form of a pellet, the first kind of mattress that strikes our mind is the spring foam. Coils suspended between the bed give firmness and support. It gives pushback to a child when they jump on it. And most people love to jump on the spring mattress. The idea of inserting coils into foam originated in 1957 when car manufacturers tried spring foam in car seats. The trial was a success, and more than success, it became popular. 

Initially, bulky people like it more because they don’t face sinking while sitting on the spring mattress. The base of the pellet remains the same rather than bulging in because healthy people feel pushback with a similar force to their body mass. 

This post will show our readers what a spring foam is. What are the types of spring mattresses? And does it have any benefits or drawbacks? You will find all the answers while reading further:

What is a Spring Mattress?

A mattress with a layer of spring in it is called a spring mattress. Spring is used to provide bounce, support, and structure. Manufacturers use different types and densities of mattresses according to users’ needs. 

A good quality spring mattress considers the factors like the kind of spring, the thickness of the metal, the number of springs, the type of cover, and the technology used in manufacturing the mattress. 

As we said, spring is used mainly for support. A spring pellet consists of three levels: the first level functions as an insulator. To make the first layer, mesh or fibre is used. These two things keep the core of the mattress in its position. 

Spring Mattress

The second level contains pads and foams to work as upholstery. The last layer is a quilt, which includes light foam and fibres. With these three layers, the end product is a spring foam that gives us comfortable sleep.

We understand what a spring mattress is. Further, we will learn the types of springs incorporated into a bed. 

Types of Spring Mattress

We will discuss here four main types of steel coil mattresses:

Bonnell Coils Springs Mattress

The Bonnell coil is thin at the centre and thick at the end. Overall it is helical. The more delicate centre gives light pressure, and the thicker edges offer constant support. Bonnell mattresses are pocket friendly, but their lifespan is short too. The excellent feature of the Bonnell spring is that it makes the body cooler by equally distributing the temperature. 

Continuous Coils Spring Mattress

More than one coil joins together and forms a long wire. Then the spiral ring combines these wires and covers them with lacing. Because of this lacing, springs work individually, and the life span of the futon increases. Manufacturers set the wires vertically and horizontally to increase the density of pellets. Continuous coil foams are long-lasting and affordable, which gives users a good deal. 

Offset Coils Spring Mattress

Branded mattresses use offset Coils because these springs are set separately. Individual coils make the bed more durable since it conforms to the body’s contour. Side sleepers prefer offset pellets because of their techniques and stiffness. This offset coil distributes the weight to the entire mattress, so you will not see any bulge after 8 to 10 years and more.

Spring Mattress with Marsh Coils

In Marsh Coils or pocket springs, thin gauge coils are arranged in barrel-like shapes. These pockets reduce weight since they are independent and work independently. It is perfect for stomach sleepers like me.

At this point, you can decide which coil mattress suits you. Let’s see some advantages of spring mattresses:

Benefits of Spring Mattress 

A good quality spring foam can give the following:

  • Affordable cost
  • Proper air circulation 
  • Good sleep
  • Comfortable position
  • Relief of back and spine pain

Side Effect of Spring Mattress

Well—a new mattress doesn’t have any side effects until it ages. An old spring foam causes back and joint pain. The springs of the old mattress itch in the body once the foam degrades. Also, the wood used in spring mattresses is prone to mites. 

Bottom Line

Spring mattress not only gives you good sleep, but it is also a play area for the kids. We have described the types and benefits of mattresses so that you can know everything before buying a bed and selecting the best mattress. 


Q. What is the difference between a spring mattress and a foam mattress?

Ans: Foam mattresses are comfier than spring mattresses. It relieves the pressure while the spring foam gives bounces. 

Q. Which type of mattress is best?

We should select a medium-firm mattress because it gives moderate pressure and support. This mattress relieves the shoulder by providing comfort and support to the hip because of its firmness.

Q. Which is better: a spring or coil mattress?

Spring mattresses provide general support, while coil mattresses adjust with the body’s shape. So, for overall purposes, buy a spring mattress, but for patients, get a coil mattress. 

Q. Are spring mattresses healthy?

A spring foam is a healthy choice if you sweat at night or during sleep. This is so because it is breathable and allows air to pass from it. 

Q. Which type of spring mattress is best?

Centuary Mattress, Peps SpringKoil, Courfit Ortho, and Comfort are the most preferred spring mattresses. 

Q. Which type of mattress is best for back pain?

People having severe back pain should buy a latex mattress as it conforms to the body structure and cradles the pressure points to relieve the pain. 

Q. Do you need a softer mattress as you get older?

Older ones feel more pressure on the hips, shoulders, and joints. For this purpose, they need a medium or medium-firm mattress rather than spring mattresses. 

Q. What are two positions not recommended for the elderly while in bed?

Elder people should not sleep on mattresses with their arms crossed under the pillow and on their backs. These two positions hurt the body during sleep. 

Q. Is a soft or firm mattress better for seniors?

Doctors suggest that seniors with arthritic joints should sleep on latex foam to comfort the body frame. 

Q. Should I replace my 20-year-old mattress?

Of course— you should replace your 20-year-old mattress. If it is a spring foam, it may cause back pain. Or, if it is memory foam, it may sink from the centre, so you must swap the old mattress with the new one. We suggest you visit the Centuary mattress store today to get the latest mattress varieties. 

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