What Is a Medical Mattress: Types, Benefits, and Side Effects

People who owe medical conditions prefer medical mattress. If you have back pain, then it is a good choice. In this article, you will learn about a medical bed. We will cover topics like what materials are involved in making an orthopaedic futon, the benefits, and whether being a medicated thing has side effects too. 

Medical Mattress
Medical Mattress

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What is a Medical Mattress Made of?

The medical mattress gives a supportive frame to the spine, body, and joints. It is also called an orthopaedic mattress, which is a biological name for bones. This word defines anything that aids the body or bones. Medicated mattresses are available in different sizes and shapes, mainly made up of latex, innerspring, and foam. 

Memory foam and innerspring make the futon comfortable and supportive. At the same time, latex enhances the life span and firmness. 

Benefits of Medical Mattress

it gives benefits, the types, and the side effects if you choose the wrong one. 

1. Gives Good Sleep

Waking up with energy in the morning needs good sleep. If the bed is uncomfortable, bending in when asleep can’t give a night of better sleep. But having a steady, consistent, and body-adjusting surface makes the body peaceful. 

Medical Mattress is hard on the surface, so it doesn’t affect us when we turn around in napping. The firm and elastic orthopaedic pellet provide a comfortable position throughout the night. 

Centuary Mattress Store
Centuary Mattress Store

2. Eliminate Body Pain

Doctors usually prescribe medical mattresses when you tell them about body or spine pain. Some experiments confirmed that taking a nap of 8 hours on a regular bed daily can develop lower back and spine pain. At the same time, the orthopaedic mattress, designed significantly to aid the patient’s pain, has a firm surface. The pellet’s firmness ensures that your body will not sink or bulge during sleep. 

3. Provide Supportive Frame

We probe comfort and support in everything, whether a cloth or a mattress. And medicated pellets are made for our help. Some years back, only those people bought orthopaedic futons which got injured but nowadays, everyone is buying or planning to buy a medical mattress. Standard mattresses can not give us such support to our spine as an ortho-foam gives. In Dubai, the beds are multi-layer foam and topper, which offers extra firmness and softness. 

Side Effects of The Medical Mattress

The article aims to acknowledge you about the medical mattress. When you go shopping, you might know which is a suitable mattress for you and which medical pellet is genuinely medical. 

Having the wrong medical mattress may lead to developing:

  • Back pain
  • Poor sleep
  • The strain on pressure points
  • Muscle tension

Types of Medical Mattresses

The market has a pool of medical mattresses but shops for one which is most suitable for you:

1. Air Jet Medical Mattress

This orthopaedic foam has holes controlling microbial growth, pressure, and moisture. It is made of PVC mainly, and 3 to 4 litres of air is filled with a force of 50mmHg. 

2. Alternate Pressure Medical Mattress

In this type of pellet, we can change the pressure. The mattress contains 6 to 8 litres of air, and the pressure ranges from 30mmHg to 100mmHg. This mattress is usually covered with Nylon or PU. 

3. Foldable Medical Mattress

These pellets are plain and can be folded into 3 to 4 layers. It is a portable single mattress. 

4. Foam Medical Mattress

We buy foam medical mattresses for our home. This foam has the highest density of than rest of the medical pellets, and it is treated with antimicrobial reagents. Rexine and FR fabric are used to make it waterproof and fire retardant. 

Bottom Line

Doctors agreed that medical mattresses help relieve back injuries, broken joints, and full-body pain. These mattresses align the spine and rehab the joints. Benefits are enough if you buy a suitable and truly medicated mattress. By the end of this post, you learned what a medium mattress is, how it gives benefits, the types, and the side effects if you choose the wrong one.


Q. Which is better: a spring mattress or a medical mattress?

Ans: Spring mattress is best if you live in a hotter region because it allows air to pass. But for our side sleepers, the medical bed is most fitted as it adjusts with the body frame.

Q. Which is the best medical mattress?

Ans: If you are looking for a hospital purpose, buy Marathon advanced care pellets. If you want a mattress for your home, then a centuary bed is perfect. 

Q. What are the three types of mattresses?

Ans: Hybrid, Innerspring, and foam are the three leading mattresses. The most common and usable mattresses are innerspring. 

Q. Are medicated mattresses good?

Ans: Buying a medical mattress means bearing body pain, so a medical pellet relieves it by providing a supportive hard frame. 

Q. Can you use a regular mattress on a medical bed?

Ans: Yes, you can use a regular mattress on a medical bed if you get the size of it. But you can’t fix a medicated foam in a hospital bed because of its pressure distribution. 

Q. Why are hospital beds so comfy?

Ans: Hospital bed manufacturing uses high-end technologists; that’s why it can comfort all body forms. It is designed so that foam equally distributes the pressure without sinking in. 

Q. What is the difference between a regular mattress and an orthopaedic mattress?

Ans: Our regular mattress uses cotton and foam, while medical foam uses latex. This is the main difference between traditional and high-class orthopaedic mattresses.

Q. Should I replace my 20-year-old mattress?

Ans: We can’t give a magical number of mattress life spans, but you know quite that suitable product ducts last longer. So an excellent medical mattress stays with you for more than a decade. 

Q. When does a mattress sag?

Ans: Regular mattresses sink in after 3 to 5 years, while medical beds bulge in after 10 to 12 years.

Q. How do you fix a dip in a mattress?

Ans: You can fix the sagging by:

  • Turning the pellet upside-down. 
  • Swap the base
  • Place extra pillows
  • Replace if warranty exists.

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