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Along with a robust design and structure, the Vibe Mattress offers a wide selection of comfort, support, and pressure-point alleviation features. Whether you are a side sleeper, a sensitive sleeper who shares a bed with a restless spouse, or a price-conscious consumer, the Vibe is a good alternative.

Vibe Mattress


The 12-inch Vibe from Classic Brands is thoroughly examined in this review, including its features, and advantages.

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Who Should Buy Vibe Mattress

  • Shared beds with sensitive sleepers
  • Under 130 lb. side and back sleepers
  • Cost-conscious consumers
  • Those who favour a close-fitting mattress

Vibe Mattress Design

The adjustable bases that Classic Brands sell work with the Vibe Mattress. Do you struggle with acid reflux, sleep apnea, or heartburn? To enhance the quality of your sleep, pair the Vibe with a flexible base.

The Vibe Mattress has a height of 12 inches and is made entirely of foam, with the following three layers:

A two-inch layer of Certi-PUR-US-certified gel-infused memory foam sits on top of the mattress. Here, the foam layer has a special construction that promotes ventilation throughout the mattress, avoiding discomfort brought on by a buildup of heat. Additionally, as you walk, the foam conforms to your body, minimizing motion transmission and tension at pressure points.

A gel-infused polyfoam comfort layer in the center aligns the rest of your body while adding additional support for your spine. Breathability and resistance to germs and allergens, such as dust mites, bacteria, and mold, are important properties of the polyfoam layer.

Three inches make up the thickness of the middle layer.High-density foundation polyfoam measuring seven inches thick makes up the bottom layer. This substantial layer of foam gives the mattress strength. while supplying underlying support for

Vibe Mattress Performance

1. Temperature Control

Memory foam, a substance well known for retaining heat, is used to make the Vibe Mattress. The mattress has a medium soft feel and tightly adapts to the sleeper, giving little opportunity for heat to escape.By transporting body heat away from the mattress, gel infusions in the comfort system work to improve temperature control in the Vibe Mattress. Air can travel via grooves in the support core. For those who have trouble staying cool at night, this mattress could still seem excessively warm to them.

2. Pressure Relief

You’ll notice that when you lie down, your weight begins to accumulate and exert pressure on various bodily areas. Your pressure points are the locations that are particularly sensitive to that pressure. This could eventually make it difficult for you to have a decent night’s sleep; therefore it’s wise to spend money on a bed with effective pressure-relieving features.By conforming to the curve of your body and removing pressure areas, the gel-infused memory foam provides improved pressure relief. Your body receives ideal upthrust at the same moment, which means the surface pushes up against it to maintain its natural posture.

If you typically wake up with a sore body, the product is a good alternative because it relieves pressure. Additionally, a side effect of pressure alleviation is unrestricted blood flow, which is important for those who suffer from tingling, and sleepy limbs while lying down.

3. Outstanding Motion Isolation

Motion isolation, along with pressure alleviation, is one of this product’s best qualities. Your REM cycles may be disturbed by your partner’s movements without your knowledge, which will lower the quality of your sleep. Every morning you may anticipate feeling rested thanks to this mattress.

4. Edge Protection

The Vibe has good edge support because of its consistently distributed core support that goes all the way around the edge of the bed. Pet owners and couples who share a bed and want to sleep on the full surface will appreciate this feature.

Trial and Warranty for Sleep

The return policy for mattresses purchased on Amazon may apply, although it might differ per vendor. A 10-year limited guarantee is offered with the purchase of a Vibe Gel Memory Foam Mattress from an authorized retailer.

Wrap up

For side and back sleepers under 230 pounds, the Vibe Mattress is the best choice. The top foam layers and core high-density polyfoam layer will relieve pressure while also giving you full-body support, a reasonable amount of sink-in, and a soft surface.Additionally, we advise couples looking for a bed with excellent motion isolation, reliable cooling, and strong edge support to choose the Vibe. We don’t advise heavier persons to use this product, especially if they want to sleep on their back or front. Instead, these sleepers have to think about this mattress’ hybrid design or a memory foam bed with a firmer feel.


Q. How soon can you use a Vibe Mattress for sleep?

Please give your Mattress 24 to 72 hours to assume its original form. In a hotter environment, memory foam will expand more quickly. Your mattress may take a little longer to expand from its compressed state to full size in a cool environment during delivery.

Q. Can sleep on a memory foam mattress too quickly cause damage to it?

In actuality, breaking the 24-hour guideline and sleeping on a decent mattress a few hours after unpacking shouldn’t harm it. The main purpose of the guideline is to ensure that you have a nice night’s sleep on your mattress because the bed isn’t very comfy while it’s still expanding.

Q. Do mattresses require airflow?

All mattress varieties, but notably all-foam beds, require airing out and breathing. The perspiration and dead skin cells from our bodies often fall to the bottom of the mattress due to gravity.


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