Twin Spring Mattress with Top Pillow 120×190 Dimensions

A good night’s sleep is one of life’s few absolute necessities, and the easiest way to achieve it is to rest on a twin spring mattress with top pillow. The sleeper feels as though they are sleeping on a cloud on this mattress since it is so soft.

Although it is a more opulent sleeping experience than most people accustomed to, it is worth the cost. Materials like cotton, wool, memory foam, and latex that serve to give adequate support, pressure relief, and motion isolation use to create layers of cushioning and supporting coils that keep you comfortable while you sleep.

twin spring mattress with top pillow

A Twin Mattress with Top Pillow: What Is It?

A plush layer of padding is stitched on top of a twin mattress in a pillow top configuration. The pillow top may be made of fiberfill, down, cotton, wool, memory foam, or latex foam. While traditionally pillow tops are attached to an innerspring mattress, certain latex mattress manufacturers also provide pillow tops that may be bought independently to soften the firmness of latex.

You can come across mattresses with a Euro top or a traditional pillow top. There is a noticeable space between the comfort layer and the pillow top, which is covered with a normal pillow top. For a consistent look and improved edge support, a Euro top is put below the mattress cover.

Pros of Twin Spring Mattress with Top Pillow


  • Bounce

When compared to spring beds without pillow tops, pillow tops dampen some of the bounce. On the mattress, you’ll still feel raised.

  • Relieving Pain

Pillow top mattresses are a wonderful choice for those with chronic illnesses like hip discomfort. Although you could still feel the mattress beneath, the soft layer can mould to the body to relieve pressure points.


  • Lack of Endurance

According to Sleep Like the Dead, at least 30% of mattress owners claim that their pillow top sags after 3 years. Within the first three to five years of ownership, more owners report sagging or compression. Mattresses with pillow tops lose their capacity to reduce discomfort as they droop.

Dimension of Twin Spring Mattress with Top Pillow at Centuary Mattress Store

  • Size: 120x190cm

Wrap Up

Because of their coils, pillow tops offer bouncy support and greater ventilation, but these coils may droop with time and reduce comfort. Additionally, the coils frequently transmit motion. The way you sleep may have an impact on your choice. While both memory foam and pillow top mattresses are comfortable for back and stomach sleepers, we suggest memory foam mattresses for side sleepers. The pillow top may allow a side sleeper to feel the innerspring mattress.

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Q. Can you turn a pillow top mattress?

If a mattress just has a pillow top on one side, you shouldn’t flip it. A double-sided pillow top mattress may be turned.

Q. What are the signs that your mattress is too firm?

One indication that your mattress isn’t the proper firmness for you is if you wake up with a backache. Your limbs dozing off and becoming numb is another clue that your mattress is overly hard.

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