Tulo Mattress Review 2023

All the hybrid and all-foam mattresses in the Tulo mattress series are available in various heights to accommodate a variety of sleepers.

Six different heights are available for the Tulo Hybrid Mattress, which blends foam and pocketed coils to provide breathable support. 

Tulo Mattress

The Memory Foam Lavender Mattress features memory foam infused with lavender to give the bed a clean scent. It comes in four different height options.

The Memory Foam Bamboo Mattress is available in three different heights (6 inches, 8 inches, and 10 inches). Still, each has a stretch-knit cover made of bamboo-derived rayon and a comfort layer of memory foam injected with gel. 

In detail, we’ll examine the performance, cost, and size of each of the three height options for the Memory Foam Bamboo Mattress.

Tulo provides cozy and supportive mattresses sent straight to the customer’s house using the mattress-in-a-box purchasing and shipping technique. 

Customers with various body shapes and preferred sleeping positions can benefit from the company’s memory foam and hybrid mattress offerings.

Things to Consider

  • The choice of height affects mattress performance.
  • Encouraged to wait 30 days before starting a comeback

Best For

  • A variety of body shapes and sleeping habits
  • Anyone looking for an all-foam mattress with less off-gassing
  • Cost-conscious consumers

Tulo Mattress Performance

Movement is Simple

While memory foam effectively reduces pressure and helps people sleep with their spines aligned, it can also limit mobility, especially if the foam is thick or exceptionally soft. 

Because of this, the 6- and 8-inch variants of the Memory Foam Bamboo Mattress, which are firmer than the 10-inch version, can be more suitable for sleepers who wish to move around the mattress more quickly.

Reduced Pressure

Most sleepers benefit significantly from the extensive layer of soft, conforming memory foam in the 10-inch Memory Foam Bamboo Mattress. 

The foam contours high-pressure areas on the body, assisting sleepers in maintaining proper posture all night.

Even though it doesn’t curve as much as the 10-inch mattress, the 8-inch mattress is nonetheless effective in relieving pressure. 

The 6-inch mattress could be better at reducing pressure than the other alternatives.

Temperature Regulation

The Tulo Memory Foam Bamboo Mattress’ three height options all do a decent job of controlling temperature, making it an excellent choice for hot sleepers.

Memory foam with gel infusion is utilized to make the Memory Foam Bamboo Mattress. 

The tiny gel microbeads are intended to eliminate retention, a typical issue with mattresses made entirely of foam.

The cover, comprised of bamboo-derived rayon, also allows for good airflow, promoting excellent sleeping.

Edge Protection

The 6- and 8-inch Memory, Foam Bamboo Mattresses are firm enough to give adequate edge support despite their foam design, allowing you to sit or sleep on the edge of the bed without drooping.

However, the 10-inch mattress has the most significant memory foam, which can sink if a sleeper is too near to the edge and is made to adapt to body weight.

Wrap Up

Tulo customers may choose from various hardness levels, which are very durable, as well as top-notch pressure relief and motion isolation. All of it for some somewhat baffling costs!In light of this, you should get the most excellent mattress you can afford if you have the money to do so. 

Sure foam beds will be equipped with unique technologies to assist them in dealing with their inherently weak edges and lack of bounce.


Q. How much time does the Tulo mattress require to expand?

It should be OK after a few hours, but if you are particularly sensitive to specific scents, let it breathe for up to 12 hours. Additionally, this mattress must fully expand for a few hours before use.

Q. Can a Tulo mattress cover be washed?

Each cover fits your mattress comfortably for the best possible night’s sleep. The readily detachable and machine-washable mattress coverings provide a delightfully smooth finish.

Q. Tulo is what kind of mattress?

Mattresses with memory foam

Mattress Firm, a well-established mattress retailer established in 1986, owns the bed-in-a-box mattress manufacturer Tulo. Tulo offers a selection of memory foam mattresses and hybrid versions in various heights and firmness levels to meet your preferences. Tulo beds are available for purchase online or at Mattress Firm locations.

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