Single Size Spring Mattress 90×190 Price 20cm Thickness

Make sure the mattress you’re buying is the appropriate size by using our guide to Single Size Spring Mattress.

Single Size Spring Mattress

Two Considerations When Purchasing A Single Size Spring Mattress

Which are:

  • You and your lover should be able to lie side by side on a mattress.
  • At least 10 cm longer than the tallest person should be the mattress dimension. The mattress’s width, length, and depth should be uniform.

What is the dimension of Small Single Size Spring Mattress?


Our little single mattresses, which measure 75cm x 190cm, or 2’3 x 6’3 feet, are intended to be placed on small rooms, guest beds, or children’s narrow beds. View our single beds and tiny single mattresses.

What is the dimension of Single Size Spring Mattress?


Our single mattresses are meant for usage by one person or in smaller bedrooms and measure 90cm by 190cm, or 3 x 6’3 feet. They also provide excellent children’s mattresses that may be used up to adolescence. View our selection of single beds and single mattresses.

Do You Have a Single Size Spring Mattress?

Make sure the mattress will suit the dimensions of your room before you buy it, and more significantly, that you will be able to get it inside your house. Here are a few things to keep in mind to prevent unpleasant surprises when your mattress is delivered.

  • Verify The Measurements

To ensure you know precisely what you’re working with, double-check and note the mattress’s specific dimensions, which can be found on our product pages. Verify the mattress’s breadth, length, and depth.

  • Design Your Room

We advise drawing it all out on the floor with masking tape so that you can see the space you’ll have in the room after your bed and mattress are in place. After that, you may explore the remaining area in the room to assess if it is sufficient or not.

  • How to Move the Mattress through Your Home

Although the mattress may fit perfectly in your bedroom, you must be certain that it can get there through the lowest and smallest openings in your home.

  • In charge of the staircase

On a staircase, the lowest point is frequently anywhere along the way. The shortest measurement is frequently the distance between the lowest point of the ceiling above the steps, measured at a 90° angle to the angle of your stairs, rather than a vertical measurement taken from the stair treads.

Wrap up

A good mattress promotes restful sleep and is portable. Single size spring mattresses are for sensible people with little room in their homes. Don’t forget to go through our shopping guide or get in touch with us if you need further mattress advice.


Q. Which mattress size is ideal for a single person?

Twin, twin XL, and full mattresses are typically made for a single person. Two people can fit comfortably in the queen, king, and California king beds. If you plan to share a bed with someone, think about your preferred sleeping distance and regular postures.

Q. Is a single bed 90 cm long?

A typical single mattress measures 90 cm by 190 cm or 3 ft by 6 ft 3. Teenagers and those with limited space in their bedroom or extra room can benefit greatly from single mattresses.

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