Single size Medical Mattress 90×190 Price

A particular kind of mattress that supports the joints is known as a medical mattress. For those who frequently experience discomfort while sleeping, those who are actively recovering from an accident, the elderly, athletes, and other physically active persons, single size medical mattress generally advised.

Single Size Medical Mattress
Single Size Medical Mattress

A new mattress could be the answer for those who have aches and pains at night and in the morning. A well-made mattress may provide pain-free support for sore joints and terrible backs. But it seems like every mattress on the market is promoted as “Medicated,” even those that many people are now sleeping on when they are ill.  How do medical mattresses work, then?

In this piece, we’ll address that query and assist you in determining whether you ought to start looking for one.

What is a Single Size Medical Mattress?

In the 1950s, the phrase “orthopedic or medical mattress” was developed after research on the functioning of the joints and bones revealed that mattresses with specialized construction might reduce morning back discomfort.

The earliest orthopedic mattresses on the market were made with orthopedic principles to be therapeutic for those with terrible backs. However, after mattress producers saw how well these mattresses were selling, they began referring to all beds as “orthopedic.” After all, there aren’t any laws or criteria set up by the government to demonstrate that one mattress is superior to another.

Additionally, there are no rules or guidelines regarding the terminology mattress producers can use to describe their goods. The phrase “orthopedic/medical mattress” is used as a marketing word.

Single size Medical Mattress in UAE

90×190 cm

The Pros and Cons of Single Size Medical Mattress

Pros of Single Size Medical Mattress

  • They offer excellent support and spine alignment
  • They keep you comfortable
  • They relieve pressure so that discomfort doesn’t build up in pressure points.

 Cons of Single Size Medical Mattresses

  • They could be more expensive
  • It might be challenging to find a fully orthopedic mattress on the market.

A Guide to Medical Mattress Purchasing

Although many mattresses make the “medicated” claim, it’s possible that they don’t provide the advantages you’re hoping for. Finding a mattress that supports good spinal alignment and relieves pressure is a sign of an orthopedic mattress.

  • Back Alignment

It would help if you kept an eye out for proper spine alignment. Mattresses that assist healthy spine alignment will be simple enough and soft, similar to beds that provide adequate pressure relief.

The head and foot of the mattress should be softer than the center, which should be firmer. The spine’s natural curvature will be supported by this structure. Without appropriate spine alignment, the muscles, tendons, and even the spine’s bones will be under significant stress, which may cause discomfort and injury.

  • Reduced Pressure

When lying on a hard surface, the body’s weight effectively squashes the body parts in touch with the character. Significant pain and possibly tissue damage may result from this.  The surface of the mattress has to have some give to prevent soreness at the pressure points.

You will only get the pressure-relieving comfort you want if a mattress is tight and soft enough. This suggests that ultra-firm innerspring or ultra-soft memory foam mattresses could not qualify as orthopedic mattresses.

However, it would help if you didn’t ignore any particular mattress because both innerspring and memory foam mattresses may provide excellent pressure relief. Memory foam is renowned for its ability to uniformly transfer your body weight over the surface to relieve pressure.  A good compromise between support and comfort, hybrid mattresses (beds that top a coil support system with memory foam, latex, or other materials) can make an excellent sweet spot.

Wrap Up

Said single-size medical mattresses are beds that offer excellent support for the body’s joints and structure as a whole.  The word “orthopedic” has become overused in the mattress market over time, and many mattresses make this claim without delivering the essential characteristics of an orthopedic mattress. Be on the lookout for a mattress with excellent pressure reduction and spine alignment if you need a single-size medical bed.

You may search for medical mattresses in the Centuary Mattress Store, which keeps expert-approved beds.


  • Is sleeping on a medicated mattress healthy?

Backache, arthritis and joint-related issues sufferers might find enhanced support and comfort in a medicated mattress.  Additional support from a medicated cushion improves body alignment as you sleep and lowers your risk of awakening in discomfort.

  • Which mattress—spring or medical—is preferable?

Side sleepers typically prefer foam mattresses since they are frequently better fit to the curve of the body. Those who have nighttime heat sleep may choose to get a spring mattress. Better airflow is provided by innerspring beds, which keeps the mattress cool at night.

  • Can regular individuals use orthopedic mattresses?

Orthopedic mattresses provide high degrees of support, pressure reduction, and comfort.  This sort of mattress is for more than just people with back discomfort. However, they accommodate individuals with poor back or who wake up with aches and pains.

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