Silentnight Mattress: Specs and Reviews 

Specifics of Silentnight

Although Silentnight is well known for its inexpensive and discounted mattresses, they offer several high-profile alternatives. Most of their mattresses are pocket-sprung models with memory foam, latex, or latex-like Geltex layers. One of the best methods to purchase a new Silentnight mattress is through their online storefront, which offers a great value proposition and free delivery.

Craftsmanship & Quality

Silentnight primarily sells inexpensive mattresses and has received high marks for first comfort from customers. Additionally, customers may choose a range of firmness options for their mattresses. 

Although most consumers are happy with their purchases, there are some disputes over the durability of more affordable solutions.We’ll go through each of their mattress varieties so you can get more information before purchasing:

First, the information on Silentnight Mattress Just Sleep Collection:

The Just Sleep collection has replaced its Mattress-Now and Studio lines, guaranteeing consumers deliveries within 48 hours for most postcodes and a year of risk-free sleep testing. Just Sleep is “The simplest route to better sleep,” according to Silentnight. 

In 48 hours, they’ll leave with your mattress. The Just Indulge, Just Bliss, Just Snug, Just Breathe, Unwind, and Just Relax mattresses offer consumers a range of alternatives, from the most expensive to the most affordable. 

Fibre comfort and zonal Miratex support layers are included with the more economical Relax and Just Unwind products.

The Advantages

 Various high-value mattress-in-a-box options are offered at competitive prices.

The Drawbacks 

Since these products are young, there is little user feedback yet.

The specifications of the Silentnight Yours & Mine Dual Firmness Mattresses are as follows:

Three variations of the Silentnight Your’s & Mine Dual Firmness mattresses are available: memory foam, eco-friendly, and gel-infused pocket-sprung mattresses. Customers may choose between softer, medium, and more problematic dual sides in the king and super king sizes, which is an excellent option for couples with different tastes.

The Advantage

Dual-sided mattresses at a competitive price.


There aren’t many customer testimonials accessible.

We’ll examine the Silentnight Latex Mattresses next.Three different pocket spring mattresses with a natural latex layer are part of Silentnight’s Latex range. These latex hybrid mattresses come in a range of firmnesses, from medium-soft to medium-firm. However, some people might find the latex stiffer than memory foam. Although some customers had issues regarding hardness, most customers liked and found these mattresses pleasant.

The Advantages

Affordable hybrid mattresses made with natural latex.

The Drawbacks

Firm conflicts have been stated by several.

Here are some further details regarding Miracoil mattresses:

Traditional innerspring mattresses with springs arranged in a linked array are what the Silentnight Miracoil mattresses are made of. 

These give stomach sleepers more extensive body type choices for more substantial support. In addition, they include foam layers over the innerspring supports. These mattresses are less popular with customers than other Silentnight offerings. Traditional mattresses were originally comfy for those who desired them, but some people had issues with durability.

The Advantages

Firmer mattress alternatives in traditional mattress designs.

The Drawbacks

Some models have support issues.

The following is a discussion of Silentnight’s additional pocket-sprung mattresses:

Other pocket-sprung mattresses from Silentnight are available in the Essentials and Rest Assured lines. These mattresses have various individually moving, encased pocket springs that adapt to the body’s movements and distribute pressure. 

They cushion temperate regions like the hips and shoulders using memory foam, Geltex (a quicker reaction foam that resembles latex), or natural fillings in their comfort layers. A wide range of hardness choices and layers of British wool is also available in various patterns from the Rest Assured collection. 

Most consumers claim that these mattresses are initially pleasant and may choose the ideal firmness for their purchase, although some users have expressed worries regarding endurance.

The Advantages

 A range of comfort layer choices is available for pocket-sprung mattresses.

The Drawbacks

A little problem with the sturdiness report in some models.

Silentnight Mattress FAQs

Q. How frequently should a Silentnight mattress be turned?

If you’ve bought a single-sided mattress, all that has to be done is to rotate it once a week for the first two or three months, then once a month after that. To achieve uniform settling, alternate turning the mattress over by rotating it from top to bottom.

Q. How long is the lifespan of a silent night mattress?

According to the specifications and the majority of customer reviews, these mattresses should generally last longer than seven years. However, some people have expressed concerns about the feel altering over time. Be careful to read the reviews before choosing if you are a more prominent person concerned about durability.

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