Serta Mattress: Construction Style, Pros and Cons

To accommodate a variety of sleepers, the Serta Mattress is a hybrid design that combines memory foam and pocketed coils. Renewed Night, Renewed Sleep, and Luminous Sleep are the three models that make up the Perfect Sleeper series.  For each model, a variety of customisation choices are available.

Serta Mattress

We’ll concentrate on the fundamental Renewed Night model rather than the more intricate Renewed Sleep and Luminous Sleep models. The Renewed Night model has three distinct hardness levels: Plush, Medium, and Extra Firm. Each design comes with a mattress cover made of a phase-change material to aid with temperature control.

Antimicrobials designed to stop the growth of bacteria in the mattress apply to the cover. The comfort layer of memory foam adds to reduce pressure and encourages ventilation. The pocketed coils are designed to provide enough support while minimising motion transmission.

The mattress’s edge support is further increased by adding foam reinforcement around its perimeter. The Perfect Sleeper Renewed Night’s pricing is reasonable compared to other hybrid mattresses.

Despite several factors buyers should be aware of, it works effectively for most sleepers.  To assist you in deciding if it is the best option, we will analyse its design, and performance.

Construction Style of Serta Mattress

Serta is best known for its Perfect Sleeper innerspring mattress, which has a long history of being reliable and comfortable. Their newest, more affordable innerspring beds are called SleepTrue.  Additionally, Serta launched their iComfort memory foam and hybrid mattresses, both of which were an instant hit.

Since then, all those brands have grown, and the lines between them regarding foam vs innerspring have become hazier.

Serta Mattress Pros and Cons


  • Reputable brand
  • High-quality materials and foams
  • A wide range of conveniences, features, and pricing are available.
  • Available in innerspring, hybrid, or just foam
  • Has variants with two sides for those who still desire flippable mattresses.
  • Most models have little transmission of motion.
  • There are mattresses that are particularly good at cooling (Arctic)
  • Dependable items with a lengthy history
  • Obtainable in the following sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, Cal-King, and King.
  • Box springs with a high or low profile are optional.


  • It is challenging to compare Perfect Sleeper brands from multiple vendors.

Three hardness options for the Serta Perfect Sleeper Mattress are Plush, Medium, and Extra Firm.

Select Plush If:

Given the variety of stiffness options offered, customers should consider their own demands and tastes. If you like to sink into your mattress, weigh less than 130 pounds, and sleep on your side or back, go for Plush.  The medium-soft Plush variant conforms to the curve of the body.

Select Medium if:

You often sleep hot and like to sleep on your side, back, or stomach. All sleeping positions may be accommodated with the Medium setting, reducing heat retention. If you require strong support when you sleep on your back or stomach,

Select Extra Firm if

The Extra Firm model’s effective temperature regulation keeps users cool as they sleep.

Perfect For:

  • Sleepers on their backs, sides, or stomachs
  • Customers looking for a cheap hybrid mattress
  • Those who require extra edge support to prevent rolling off
  • Who love hot sleep


  • The Medium and Extra Firm selections could be better for stomach sleepers than the Plush.
  • The cost of the entry-level Renewed Night model is reasonable, while the additional options are more costly.
  • Coils provide the mattress bounce, which might cause motion transfer for those sharing a bed.



How frequently should a Serta Mattress be turned?

Three months in a row. No matter what mattress you have, you should rotate it at least once every three months from end to end.

When rotating your mattress, you’ll need to flip it over if it has two sides.

How long is a Serta’s warranty good for?

Serta Mattress provides a 10-year, non-prorated guarantee for their box foundations and Perfect Sleeper and Perfect Day mattresses.

The warranty begins on the day when the property is delivered.

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