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The Ripple Mattress is a particular kind of mattress that may be added to or integrated into a hospital bed. Its goal is to lessen the pressure at the point where the patient’s skin and the support medium come into contact. This is done by air-pressurizing air cushions that alternately and continuously support the patient’s skin contact region.

Ripple Mattress

Even though they aren’t as large or expensive (usually only available in Queen size), compared to a comparable sized conventional kind like latex or spring, air beds nevertheless have a high owner satisfaction rate. In addition, unlike the first two,  you can use air-bed in variety of situations. Some applications include usage as a permanent bed, a short-term guest bed, or a travel bed for hiking and camping excursions.

Whatever your needs, it’s important to be aware of their advantages and disadvantages. Below, we go into further information about them:

Pros of Ripple Mattress

1. Sharing a Bed

Regarding adjustable firmness, practically all mattresses of full size and higher feature two distinct inner chambers, allowing you to choose whether you or your spouse prefers a side that is stiffer or softer than the other. No more arguing about whether something is too stiff or soft; just adjust it to your preference.

2. Back Pain

Although an inflatable mattress may not always be the best choice for back problems, the ability to customize the firmness is a big advantage for those with back pain as well as other forms of the body or joint discomfort.This is because on some nights the bed can be overly soft, in which case you can easily add additional air with the push of a button for a firmer surface that will provide greater pain relief and better body contouring.

On other nights, the bed can be overly hard; in that case, you can easily soften the surface by deflating it slightly with one touch.

3. Increased Durability

The longevity over innerspring, latex, or foam greatly increased by the durable PVC and its ability to combat sagging problems. An air bed may easily last 15 years, but the typical conventional variety, such as latex or spring, can last between 7 and 10 years, depending on quality.

If you have an air mattress with a built-in pump, the pump will often fail before the bed does more frequently, although these can be quickly and inexpensively changed.

4. Many Uses

An inflatable mattress can be used indoors or outdoors depending on its size. For instance, a twin-sized low-profile alternative may be packed for camping excursions or set away and readily assembled on the living room floor as a guest bed for the rare visitor.

When traveling, some folks also spread them across the back seat, which is considerably cozier than sleeping in the car seat.

5. Custom Firmness

The ability to customize firmness is one of the primary benefits of having an air bed, especially when it is used at home as a main or permanent bed. You are free to choose a hard or mild setting. If you want a hard finish, use more air; if you want a fluffy, soft finish, less air.

This is excellent, especially when used for visitors as everyone has a somewhat different preferred sleeping surface.

6. No Sagging

After years of use, sagging occurs when the surface gradually gives way, leaving a crater-like impression where the user rests. When drooping develops, it’s typically time to begin considering a replacement. After years of use, a traditional full-size memory foam mattress or some innerspring models will drop, but not an air bed since you can simply add additional air to it, which prevents the sagging.

7. Low cost

Well-known companies like Coleman and Intex have succeeded in drastically lowering their pricing. For instance, a twin air mattress may be ordered online for as low as $30, but a twin memory foam mattress can easily go as high as $300.

Cons of Ripple Mattress

1. Loud Pump

Pump noise is a complaint from some owners, however, they are often only found in inexpensive brands. Additionally, since pumps are only ever used to inflate or deflate, you generally won’t be utilizing them very frequently.

2. Reduced Warranty

Because PVC bed structures and pumps often have shorter warranties than latex and innerspring mattresses, you could have to foot the bill if a problem arises. You would be better off shopping for a new replacement than paying for a fix because, in today’s market, the price of a new one will often be the same as a repair.

3. Prolonged Assembly

A bigger inflated mattress intended for fixed or permanent use may require two persons and take between 30 and 60 minutes to install. However, after it’s put together, the only decision you’ll have to make is whether to add more air or less, depending on your preferences.


The Ripple Mattress makes an effort to relieve pressure areas, but its cooling performance, material texture, and longevity are all on par with average.


Q. What does a Ripple Mattress serve?

A Ripple Mattress is a type of mattress system used with or on top of hospital beds. Its purpose is to reduce the pressure on the patient’s skin’s interaction with the support medium. This is done by air-pressurizing air cushions to support the patient’s skin region alternately and evenly.

Q. Do bed sores get avoided with ripple mattresses?

Air mattresses with alternating pressure in the various compartments are also referred to as ripple mattresses. In fact, it aids in bed sore prevention and pressure relief.

Q. How is a Ripple Mattress deflated?

  • Find the valve where you inserted the pump to fill the airbed.
  • Unlock the valve.
  • As the pressure is removed, you should immediately notice and hear the airbed start to deflate.
  • To release the air from the airbed, gently press on it.

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