Queen Size Medical Mattress 150×190 Price


Queen Size Medical Mattress

Queen Size Medical Mattress is the right option for you if you want a firm mattress that isn’t too rough on your body. You will remain cosy and well-aligned throughout the night on this mattress. Goodnight and Happy Morning!

High-quality jacquard fabric, silicon-bonded fibre with zed Thermos bond, hypoallergenic, enhanced back support, proper spinal alignment. Carefully made to provide you with the relaxation and comfort you deserve. Provides additional back support to relieve your back ache. Proper spinal alignment is essential for restful sleep; superior materials have been used throughout.


Queen Size Medical Mattress Dimension

Size: 150x190cm

Why Buying A Queen Size Medical Mattress

  • Is Beneficial For Spine Support

A complexly crafted mattress with a delightfully medium touch that supports your entire body. As it offers consistent support while adjusting to the shape and sleeping habits of your body, this mattress is a great energy boost. The mattress has a pleasant feel. The perimeter insert is made of three-dimensional textiles to let the air circulate and prevent stagnation. The Queen Size Medical Mattress, which boasts a strong and long-lasting foam mattress, is ideal for individuals looking for neck and back support as well as a pain treatment.

  • Fantastic Pressure Relief

The single-origin natural latex used in the Queen Size Medical Mattress improves body weight distribution, lessens pressure spots, and offers forgiving support for your shoulders, hips, back, and knees.

  • Thermal Sensitive

This is a medical mattress foam particle that can completely conform to the shape of the body and is open to temperature changes. Also, its open cell structure lets air flow through it and supports you wherever you need it without applying rebound pressure. Decreasing morning aches and pains, relaxing your muscles, and maintaining a neutral spine. Allowing you to move around easily while yet offering great motion isolation, it is suitable for all sleeping positions. It raises the standard of sleep.

  • Generally Better Health

One of the most important aspects of getting a good night’s sleep at night is comfort, which starts with the high-quality materials utilised in a medicated mattress. Centuary Mattress Store creates an exceptional variety of medicated mattresses that are ideal for both light and deep sleepers by fusing cutting-edge technology and design. Customers may expect the finest degree of pleasure and relaxation from Medical Mattress since they only utilise the highest quality parts and materials.

Our selection of medical mattresses guarantees your comfort level and enhanced general health.

Wrap up

The queen size medical mattress claims to provide the utmost comfort and a night of sound sleep with its extra plush thick padding and a smooth quilted surface. This super-Size mattress, which is highlighted by a clean tone and placement pattern, is certain to offer both protection and a fresh appearance. This Mattress highlighted item is expertly created with high-quality materials and offers the best comfort.


Q. In cm, what is a queen-size mattress?

Queen Size

60 in. x 75 in. or 150 cm x 190 cm

Two single mattresses’ worth. Mattresses and beds are frequently also offered extra long (220 cm or 87 in length).

Q. Does 150 cm make a queen?

Queen Size

This size is suitable for guest rooms as well as couples with a tiny master bedroom. The dimensions of a queen-size bed are 60 by 75 to 80 inches or 153 by 203 cm.

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