Queen Size Mattress: Dimensions, Advantages, and Types

A 160 x 200 cm queen size mattress can fit into a 10 x 10 feet room and gives comfortable sleep throughout the night.

Adults and older people want a large bed because they don’t want to sleep in an awkward position that makes their bodies sore in the morning. The spacious bed offers cosy sleep. If you spend the whole night sleeping on the edge of a mattress, you will indeed feel cramped.

Queen Size Mattress

People prefer queen size mattresses because of their benefits and dimensions. In this post, we will learn why queen size beds are so famous.

Dimensions of a Queen Size Mattress in UAE

The Queen size bed measures 160 x 200 cm or roughly 6.66 feet. It is a versatile mattress that provides a good place for the couple to move around on the bed.

Room Size Requirement

If your room is 10 x 10 feet spacious and there will be 3.34 feet of space left behind after putting a queen size bed, then you can shop for your desired queen mattress.

Advantages of Queen Size Mattress

We have outlined five benefits of queen size bed below:

1. Durable

The Queen size bed is so big that you can not sleep in the same place every time; thus, no indention will form on the bed. This mattress will keep your journey with you for more than ten years. 

2. Perfect for Two

The queen bed is large enough that the couple can sleep comfortably. There will be space for them to stretch their bodies to full.

3. Versatile

Queen size beds are more expansive but take less space than king-size beds. It left sufficient space in the room to manoeuvre.

4. Perfect for Tall People

Tall folks always awake with pain in the morning because their bodies can not spread to their full bed. Their problem can be resolved if they get a queen size mattress.

5. Accessories are Easy to Find

Queen Size accessories are more easily accessible than a king-size bed. With a bit of searching, you can find goodies like mattresses, foundations, comforters, and bed frames for queen beds.

Want to learn about the factors that influence mattress shopping: Here is the Mattress Buying Guide for you.

Types of Queen Size Mattress

Standard queen size foam is 160 x 200 cm, but the size slightly varies according to the brand. These are:

1. Split Queen Mattress

This bed is outstanding because it is divided into two firmness levels. For instance, wifey likes soft mattresses, but hubby prefers hard ones. Buying a split Queen bed gives the partner the choice of firmness.

2. California Queen Mattress

People who are 6 feet or taller should buy a California Queen bee because it is 4 inches longer than the standard queen size mattress.

3. Olympic Queen Mattress

On the contrary, the Olympic Queen bed is 6 inches wider, so if your partner is healthy or moves around during sleep, the Olympic Queen is the best fit.

Keep Maintain Your Queen Size Mattress to Increase the Longevity

Many people took care of their mattresses and increased their life span. You should do that as well. Cares include:

  • Clean the mattress sheet so that dust and mites can not damage it.
  • Instead of a comforter, arrange a bed cover because you can easily wash it. The surface needs to be cleaned twice a year.
  • Whenever you change the bed sheet, do a quick vacuum cleaning. It will suck up dust and allergens.
  • Flip your mattress after every six months.
  • Please don’t underestimate the cleaning of pillows because it collects sweat, dead skin, and hair.

Wrap Up

Though queen size mattresses might not be your preference, you can acknowledge their benefits. It provides space for sleepers to spread and stretch the body. Meanwhile, it can be adjusted to a medium-sized room.

Also, queen size beds are affordable. Its accessories are readily available in great varieties.

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Q. What is the size of a queen bed in centimetres?

UAE Queen Size Foam is 160 cm wide and 209 cm long. Its surface area is 30978 cmcube

Q. How many people can sleep comfortably on a Queen Size Mattress?

Two individuals or a couple can sleep with ease on the queen bed. They can spread and stretch their legs or arms without disturbing the other.

Q. Is queen size different in all countries?

Yes—mattress varies in all countries because of room sizes, needs, and heights.

Q. What is the standard thickness of a mattress?

A good mattress should be 10 inches thick because it comprises all materials required for foam durability.

Q. Can I use a standard queen size sheet in an Olympic or California Queen bed?

Yes—you can use it, but remember that the one sheet’s dimensions will not fit other queen mattresses. This means a standard sheet can not match the Olympic Queen Mattress.

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