Queen Medicated Mattress with Top Pillow 150×190

One of the most popular household sizes in the UAE is a queen medicated mattress with top pillow, which is 150 cm wide by 190 cm long. Thus, it falls in the middle of a full-size and king-size mattress. There are several reasons why the size is appealing.

Queen Medicated Mattress with Top Pillow

For instance, it accommodates dogs that take up the entire bed, provides adequate area for couples to sleep, enables a single sleeper to spread out, and fits nicely in most bedrooms.

How to Choose The Best Queen Medicated Mattress with Top Pillow

You can pick the best queen medicated mattress with top pillow from among the many available by considering the following factors:

  • Business Reputation

Every business mentioned conforms to socially acceptable standards and federal safety regulations. The businesses are open about the resources they use and where they get them.

  • Customer Feedback

To ensure each mattress delivers on its claims, consider user feedback found on corporate websites and from independent dealers.

  • Trial Phase

Try out your mattress before buying it if you can. Look for businesses that provide lengthy at-home trial periods of at least 100 days and straightforward return procedures in today’s era of internet shopping and low-touch purchasing.

  • Warranty

Because a good mattress should endure for many years, we only considered beds with at least a 10-year warranty.

Dimension of Queen Medicated Mattress with Top Pillow

Size: 150×190 cm

Difference between Medicated Mattress and Top Pillow

  • Medicated Mattress

In the context of a bed, a medicated mattress supports the body’s joints, bones, and general structure. It is frequently used for mattresses that aid spinal alignment and healing joint or back problems.

As a result, no one substance is recognized as being medicated, and mattress makers and marketers can use the word to promote their products. For this reason, it’s crucial to conduct more research on any bed that makes medical claims to confirm that it will genuinely aid in spinal alignment and pain relief.


  • The benefits of mattresses that live up to their names include pain relief and improved posture.


  • The truth might be hard to glean from orthopedic mattress advertising.
  • Mattress with Top Pillow

A pillow top is a soft surface layer stuffed into the cover and sewn together. As a result, the mattress’ top feels as soft as a cloud. Although there are many different kinds of pillow tops, memory foam pillow tops have recently gained the greatest popularity.

A thin, supple layer of memory foam is sewn into the cover of a memory foam pillow top. Even though memory foam is a well-liked material for pillow toppers, you may buy them made of cotton, latex, and cashmere, wool, or goose down/feathers. Although a memory foam mattress could have a pillow top as well, pillow top mattresses typically have spring support systems in the middle of the bed (it is just not very common).


  • A mattress top with a velvety feels that cushions the body on top of the support layers.


  • The pillow top alone won’t produce a suitable bed since lower-quality materials are utilized in the pillow top, and the rest of the mattress may sag or have other problems.

Wrap up

The average mattress warranty lasts eight years, the expected lifespan of a decent queen medicated mattress with top pillow. Luxury mattresses generally cost more than $1,500 for a queen size.  A few extra bells and whistles, like as organic or certified materials, adjustability, or cooling capabilities, are typically included with these mattresses.


Q. What is the lifespan of pillow-top mattresses?

Any mattress’s anticipated lifespan is influenced by the caliber of the materials used and the design. However, since they have softer foams close to the surface, pillow-top mattresses typically lose their quality more quickly than those without pillow tops.  The mattress will feel uneven in certain spots, and you cannot get enough support as these foams lose their form.

Even while pillow toppers made of more challenging comfort layer materials might last longer, owners may still detect dents or imprints after 5 years of regular usage, if not earlier.

Q. Are mattresses with pillows good?

A pillow-top mattress may or may not be the best choice for you, depending entirely on your tastes. When you first get into bed, pillow-top mattresses typically feel plusher. Additionally, models cushioned with adaptive foam layers can curve tightly and offer effective all-around pressure relief, especially for side and back sleepers who weigh up to 230 pounds.

People who are heavier or sleep on their stomachs may sink further and have less comfort. A pillow-top can increase the height overall by several inches, so keep that in mind. A pillow-top mattress might not be for you if you like mattresses with lower profiles or find it challenging to get in and out of bed.

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