Olympic Queen Mattress Types, Variations

Olympic Queen Mattress Types

Although it’s generally true that bigger is better, is this also true for beds and mattresses? Do the additional six inches on an Olympic queen bed matter that much? Or do queen-sized beds suffice? We’ll examine the Olympic Queen Mattress Types and assist you in selecting the right mattress for your needs.


Olympic Queen Mattress Types

While some people are unsure of their particular needs, it may often be difficult to choose the ideal Olympic Queen mattress. With the astronomical number of possibilities available in the present market, that is quite acceptable. But, knowing more about the major varieties will help customers better understand what will work for them and, as a result, help them choose an Olympic Queen mattress. The principal choices now are as follows:

1. Latex

Latex mattresses are a favourite among those who care about the environment since the layers are made from sap from rubber trees. Latex is a special substance with an intriguing feel. It is adaptable, robust, and a little bouncy. Since they relieve pressure, latex mattresses are popular. Yet, latex does not impede mobility, unlike memory foam, which also releases pressure.

Due to their hefty price tags, latex mattresses aren’t the best choice for consumers on a tight budget. Heat retention is foam’s primary flaw. However, if customers choose models with a permeable open-cell construction, this problem can be avoided. Furthermore helpful here is gel infusion. Also, it’s unlikely that they were built with cooling elements. Heat retention is foam’s primary flaw.However, if customers choose models with a permeable open-cell construction, this problem can be avoided. Furthermore helpful here is gel infusion. Also, it’s unlikely that they built with cooling elements.

2. Innerspring

Good news for consumers on a tight budget: Compared to other mattress kinds, spring mattresses are the least expensive. These mattresses may provide dependable support over the whole surface (including the edges). They often don’t sleep hot and are also quite breathable. But, innerspring versions aren’t the best for side sleepers because they don’t often employ that much cushioning.

After all, when resting on one side, a little layer of wool, cotton, or even foam is insufficient to appropriately cradle the projecting body parts. For those who sleep on their stomach or their back, spring mattresses perform better. It’s also important to remember that these mattresses only last a brief time (compared to other types).

3. Hybrid

Hybrid mattresses are sort of like the best parts of the mattress industry together. They employ wrapped coils to provide firm, concentrated support. Foam or latex frequently use as comfort layer materials (occasionally, both).

With hybrid versions, the comfort layers balance out the robust coils and offer the necessary pressure relief. Particularly in an Olympic Queen size, hybrid mattresses are sometimes tall and might appear thick. Hybrids may be fairly pricey in terms of cost. Inexpensive versions frequently have thinner comfort layers and fewer of them.

Additional Queen-Size Mattress Variations

There are more unconventional variations of the common queen-size bed beside the Olympic queen. Other examples follow:

  • Low-Profile Queen Mattress

Small queen beds fall between a full bed (54 x 75 inches) and a queen bed in size at 60 inches broad by 75 inches long (60 x 80 inches). Short queens are a common choice for RV owners; in fact, producers of RV mattresses frequently refer to them as RV queen beds. For individuals who still want a bed large enough to accommodate two sleepers but want to save some room, these beds are a fantastic option.

  • Split Queen Mattress

A split queen mattress is precisely what its name implies—a queen-size mattress that has been divided in half. The combined dimensions of the two mattresses, which are each 80 inches long and 30 inches wide, equal a normal queen.These beds frequently constructed to order for couples with radically differing sleeping habits. A metal bar in the bed frame or an elastic attachment is frequently use to link the beds, which may be detached if necessary.

  • California Queen Mattress

California queen beds are just four inches longer than regular queen beds, measuring 60 inches wide and 85 inches long. For taller couples who don’t want to spend a lot of money on a king or California king, these sorts of beds are perfect.Additionally, you can buy split queen adjustable bed frames that let you adjust either side of the bed using a remote. This enables you to switch between different modes and adjust the head- and foot height of the bed.

Wrap up

Olympic Queen is not a very uncommon size, so customers have several alternatives to select from (good!). Also, it’s essential to consider the type of mattress and its firmness level to make the finest decision possible.  Both must take into account the user’s preferences, especially their sleeping habits.

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Q. Can a queen bed frame be used with an Olympic mattress?

Certain Olympic queen mattresses won’t fit in queen bed frames that are more common. The majority of bed frames are one to two inches larger than typical mattress sizes. Nevertheless, certain bed frames, particularly floating bed frames, may have sufficient room on the sides to accommodate Olympic queen mattresses.

Q. Does an Olympic queen fit queen-sized sheets?

An Olympic Queen bed is 66 inches wide by 80 inches long, compared to a Standard Queen bed’s 60 and 80 inches, respectively. It’s best to always get extra-long sheets so they can fit on all beds.

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