Olympic Queen Mattress–Complete Guide 2023

Olympic Queen Mattress is 66 by 80 inches in size. The width of this mattress is 6 inches broader than a typical Queen mattress. There are no distinctions between these two sizes save from that. A Queen mattress could occasionally be almost ideal.

Olympic Queen Mattress

And by providing a little bit extra sleeping room that “nearly” is frequently removed. Olympic Queen mattresses come into play at that point. These can be quite advantageous, but only if carefully picked.  And that’s the problem that this review will attempt to address: how to guide customers in choosing the greatest Olympic Queen and what it is specifically (including the benefits).

An Olympic Queen Mattress: What Is It?

Olympic queen beds are unique beds with dimensions of 66 inches wide by 80 inches long. Olympic queen beds, which are six inches wider than regular queen-size mattresses, offer a little more space for an additional sleeper, such as a young kid or a pet.

Who Should Get A Queen Olympic Mattress?

An Olympic queen is an excellent compromise if you want a bed that is larger than a queen-size bed but doesn’t have enough space for a king. Couples have a little more room to move about, and kids and dogs may easily get into bed without feeling crowded.But, you could be better off opting for a regular queen if you don’t want to worry yourself by searching specialist stores and internet retailers for the appropriate-sized bedding.

Advantages Of A Queen Olympic Mattress

  • Most bedrooms with a queen bed can accommodate it:

Olympic queen beds don’t require as much room as king-size beds that are substantially larger because they are only six inches wider. Yet, some people might discover that the additional six inches do drastically shrink a 10 × 10 bedroom.

  • It is broader than a queen, giving the bed extra room:

Couples have more room to stretch out, find their place, and even fit an extra sleeper—albeit a little one—with the additional six inches of bed space.

  • It costs only a little more than a queen bed:

Olympic queens are around the same price as ordinary queens or somewhat more costly, in contrast to king-size beds, which are significantly more expensive than queens.

Issues with Olympic Queen Mattresses

  • Olympic queen linens and accessories are more difficult to find:

Olympic queen sheets, comforters, and other bed linens are more difficult to find and can cost more than queen bedding.

  • That isn’t a typical bed size:

There aren’t many manufacturers who supply Olympic queen beds.  The majority of the time, you will need to pre-order (which can take some time) or have a custom Olympic queen manufactured.

Wrap Up

Always take into account the number of users, their sleeping preferences, the size of your bedroom, and course the degree of comfort it offers when deciding between a queen, Olympic queen, king, or any other bed size for that matter.

Although size does matter, the best kind of bed is the one that makes you feel the most comfortable. The comfort layer at Centuary Mattress Shop has a unique GelFlex Grid, which has more than 1,400 vents and regulates the temperature of the mattress. Centuary Mattress Store‘s adaptable, supportive, and flexible mattresses will have you nodding off in no time.

For more information on the bed frames and mattresses we provide, see our product page.After reading this article, if you’re still unsure of the best bed size for your bedroom, make sure to look at our other comparison tips below.


Q. Are there any Olympic queen mattresses?

For couples who don’t have enough room for a king, an Olympic queen is a great option. Nevertheless, you won’t typically find the Olympic queen size at mattress shops or online. Finding bed frames and bedding accessories that are suitable for this size might be difficult because so few mattress manufacturers provide them.

Q. Super Queen and Olympian Queen are they the same?

The 66″ wide by 80″ long Olympic queen, is commonly referred to as the extended queen or super queen. That is 6 inches wider than a typical Queen mattress, giving couples adequate room to spread out comfortably.

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