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One of Dormeo’s most well-known and well-liked hybrid mattresses is undoubtedly the Octasmart Mattress, so we decided to test it out and see if it lived up to its reputation.

Octasmart Mattress

How is it doing? Let’s find out together, then.

Detailed Information on Octasmart Mattress

Over 10 million happy consumers have purchased the brand in 40 additional markets worldwide and European nations. Dormeo also sells other sleeping accoutrements. It provides memory foam, pocket spring, Octaspring, latex, hybrid, rolled, dual-core mattresses, and other mattresses. Single, Small Double, Double, King, European King, and Super King are the standard six sizes for these.

Material and Construction of Octasmart Mattress

Memory foam is used to create the Dormeo Octasmart Plus. But it takes a lot of work. 

This three-layered mattress is unique because it has cutting-edge sleep technology.

Let’s investigate:

Open-cell memory foam makes up the top 2 cm of layer 1, the comfort layer. It comprises many comfort pockets that conform to the curve of the user’s body while they sleep.

The second layer comprises hundreds of Octasprings and is 9 cm thick. The central section comprises this technology, intended to support and relieve strain on your body.

Layer 3: The third, bottom layer is the firmest of the three and is 6 cm thick. It has an Ecocell foam foundation that provides stability.

This mattress includes an Octavent Air system that promotes airflow, making it more breathable than standard foam models like the Nectar mattress.

Pros and Cons of Octasmart Mattress


  • Excellent pressure alleviation and support
  • Hardly retains much heat
  • Smart removable cover
  • Clever zoning
  • Extended warranty


  • Durable
  • Pricey and somewhat thin


The multi-firmness option on particular mattresses allows customers to reorder the foam layers so that the softer or firmer side is on top. Overall, these mattresses provide alternatives that ought to accommodate the majority of sleepers, with stomach sleepers and bigger sleepers favoring harder beds and side sleepers and smaller sleepers favoring medium and medium-soft mattresses. Customers claim that their Dormeo mattresses provide a fair degree of overall comfort.

For individuals who want a firmer choice, like pocket-sprung mattresses, octaspring mattresses are often the most popular. Those who expressed criticism primarily spoke about concerns with longevity and gradual softening.

The Perfect Uses for Octasmart Mattress

These mattresses are perfect for people who want a variety of economical mattress alternatives but are okay with replacing them earlier than they had planned.

Wrap Up

Well, it’s pretty close off the mark, considering that this mattress, among many other cool features, is powered by the multi-award-winning Octaspring technology created by Dormeom. Additionally, it has a super-comfy Ecocell memory foam foundation for comfort and pressure relief, as well as excellent airflow to stay calm.


Q. Does the Octasmart Mattress have a depth of?

Deep 19 cm

This 19 cm-deep mattress has three layers of intelligent technology encased in a brilliant performance cover.

Q. Can Octasmart pillows be washed?

We are aware of how tempting the sensation of fresh linen is, especially when combined with Octasmart® comfort. Because of this, we designed the intelligent performance cover to be washable, allowing you to maintain the excellent breathable comfort of the product.

Q. What distinguishes Octaspring from Octasmart?

Because Octaspring® technology is made using 50% less material, OCTAsmart® products can be up to 50% lighter.


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