Mattress Size Chart: Single, Double/Twin, King or Queen

The size of the mattress is an essential facet of better sleep. Mattress size varies from single to king size. The single bed size is 36″ x 75″, whereas the king bed mattress is 72″ x 85″.

You know the difference in mattress dimension is very small, and we need clarification while choosing from the plethora of options. When you look for an ideal bed size, the budget and the room’s dimensions are the factors one should consider. In this post, you will get the mattress size chart with detailed descriptions to shop for a perfect mattress for a good night’s sleep.

You will understand the mattress dimension chart when you know what factors influence buying a mattress. Read the guide below to determine which mattress size fits your room best.

Points to Consider For Selecting the Right Mattress Size

Shopping for a mattress is a significant investment so look for these points before making a decision:

1. Room Size

Remember, the bedroom is where you come to rejuvenate, so it should be open. Instead, there must be space for moving and crawling. If your room is small, buy a standard mattress instead of a king-size pellet.

2. Budget

Budget is the second point to look into after the room size. To set up a realistic budget, you should read the reviews of mattress buyers. It will help you determine the available options. 

3. Bedroom Location

Most bedrooms are located on the first floor so check the staircase width from where you manoeuvre the mattress. Select those mattress that you can quickly move.

Who Will Use the Mattress

For your child, a standard mattress is perfect, but a king or queen-size pellet is suitable if you’re siblings or a couple.

Mattress Size Chart

Type of  MattressSize
Single/Twin Mattress36’’ x 75’’
Bunk Bed39’’ x 75’’
Double Bed54’’ x 75’’
Queen Bed60’’ x 78’’
King Bed72’’ x 85’’
Mattress Size Chart

Single/Twin Mattress

The single mattress is 36″ x 75″

Perfect for: single person or kid.

Single/Twin Bed Mattress
Single/Twin Bed Mattress

Room Size Requirement

For the standard mattress to install in a room, space should be 8 x 10 sq. ft.

In a studio apartment, for kids or single sleepers, a single mattress of 75 inches long and 36 inches wide is perfect.

Bunk Bed

The bunk bed size is 38″ x 80″

Perfect for: taller Individuals and single people with limited space in the room.

Bunk Bed Mettress
Bunk Bed Mattress

Room Size Requirement

A bunk bed can fit in a 7 feet, small expansive room, but for easy manoeuvring, the ideal room size is 8 x 10 feet.

College students prefer to buy double mattress. It is a good solution for taller teenagers and students.

Double Bed

The double bed size is 54″ x 75″

Perfect for: Couples, Guests, Young Adults

Double Bed
Double Bed

Room Size Requirement

The room size to fit the full mattress is 10 x 11 ft.

A full mattress is innovative for guests, couples, and young adults. But remember, it can not bear a third person, including your child or pet.

Queen Size Mattress

The queen mattress is 60″ x 78″

Perfect for: couples

Queen Mattress
Queen Mattress

Room Size Requirement

Your room should be 10 x 10 feet spacious for queen mattress installation.

We see a queen mattress in the master bedroom. The 78-inch long and 60-inch wide mattress gives enough space to sprawl out. But if you’re a couple or an individual who moves around on the bed.

King Mattress

The king-size mattress is 72″ x 85″

Perfect for: couples with children

King Size Mattress
King Size Mattress

Room Size Requirement

Your master bedroom needs 12 x 12 feet space for the fitting or king-size bed.

Wrap Up

A King-size mattress is a combination of two twin-size beds. This is best for couples who sleep with their children or pets.

Here, you know what mattress size you should buy according to your need, budget, and room space. The mattress size chart provides detailed information for those who need to learn the lingo. Shop your best option for a mattress.


1. How can I measure a mattress?

Take a measuring tape, and measure the length of the mattress by putting the tape from the head to the foot of the pellet. Measure the width and depth of the bed in the same way through measuring scale or tape.

2. What is the difference between a single mattress and a twin?

The single and twin mattress are the same. Twin term is used where we put two single beds in a room.

3. What Is the Difference Between a King and a California King?

King is four inches wider than the California king mattress. The California mattress is longer than the king-size pellet.

4. What are the smallest and biggest size mattresses?

Single mattresses are the most undersized, and king mattresses are the most superior mattress found.

Is a king single bigger than a double mattress?

Yes, the single king mattress is 16 cm lengthier than the double-sized bed.

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