Logan And Cove Mattress Review 2023

A bed designed with both elegance and affordability in mind is called the Logan & Cave.  The hybrid design of the Logan & Cove Mattress, which is only sold in Canada, tries to combine the bounce of wrapped coils with the softness of velvety foam for a well-rounded sleeping experience.

Logan & Cove Mattress

But How Successfully Does It Manage This?

In this review, I’ll put this mattress to the test to determine if it meets your needs by analysing its firmness, motion transmission, and edge support.

For my complete evaluation of the Logan and Cove mattress, continue reading below.

Short Facts

  • Recommendations for weight: 250 pounds maximum per sleeper
  • Medium-firm mattress firmness rating: 6/10
  • Trial duration for mattresses: 120 nights (free returns, full refund)
  • 15-year mattress warranty

A hybrid mattress with both springs and foam, the Logan & Cove is 14″ deep. Tencel and silk are used to fill the quilted cover. Tencel performs the heavy lifting with its breathability and moisture-wicking properties, while silk is smooth and opulent.

Described by Logan & Cove as having six layers:

  1. High-density, 3/4-inch cooling gel foam. The layer is excellent for cooling while providing some body shaping and cushioning.
  2. Medium-density cooling gel foam, 1/2 inch thick. The goal of this layer is to balance your body’s weight as a whole. This layer helps to maintain stable weight distribution throughout your body.
  3. One-inch memory foam with cooling gel. This layer is made of foam that controls heat.
  4. Foam with soy in it, 1 inch. Its eco-friendly layer relieves strain on the neck, shoulders, elbows, hips, and knees in a targeted manner.
  5. foam with soy infusion, 2 inches. This layer is thicker to provide support between the cushioning above and the pocketed coils below.
  6. 8 inches of coils with separate pockets. Steel with multiple tempers is used to make the coils. They offer help for motion isolation. For further support and proper alignment of the spine, the coils beneath the hips are constructed from thicker gauge steel.


The bed seems like the ideal synthesis of a contemporary foam bed-in-a-box with a traditional spring mattress. The pillow top gives it strength while also providing cushioning.I’m not sure if the Tencel or the gel layers are doing it, but something is keeping me cool as I sleep.My sheets may appreciate the softness since it feels silky and pleasant to the touch.The edge support of the Logan & Cove is one feature that sets it apart from other mattresses I’ve evaluated. It’s still not ideal, but I believe I’m looking for solid walls that provide edge support akin to that of a crib. Without the pillow top, the edge support would be perfect, but that is not how the mattress works. With the interest of edge support, I wouldn’t want to remove the cushion top, but it is still a great addition. It gives the impression that you are sleeping in comfort.

Who Ought To Buy

  • It’s time to talk about who the Logan & Cove mattress might work well for now that we’ve examined it in more detail.The Logan & Cove would be a terrific choice for you if you’re seeking a bed that’s both luxurious and economical because it doesn’t compromise comfort for the price.
  • Back and stomach sleepers: As I already said, this mattress is rather firm, making it a wonderful choice for back and stomach sleepers.
  • The supporting coils will elevate you comfortably and prevent you from sinking too much.
  • Couples: The Logan & Cove has excellent motion transmission, so you won’t likely be troubled by your companion getting out of bed for a midnight snack.

Wrap Up

Anybody who likes a medium-firm mattress, doesn’t want to go too far from springs, but is ready to take advantage of modern foam and gel technology should consider the Logan & Cove, in my opinion. It’s a reasonable price for a cool, comfy, and comfortable night’s sleep. Just make sure there are two strong adults available to hold and unfold the Logan & Cove so it may develop into all of its lovely hybrid magnificence.

For more information on the bed frames and mattresses we provide, see our product page. After reading this article, if you’re still unsure of the best bed size for your bedroom, make sure to look at our other comparison tips below.


Q. Where is the mattress created by Logan and Cove?


GoodMorning.com, a Canadian business that makes and sells mattresses only in Canada, is the manufacturer of the Logan & Cove mattress.

Q. Do Cove and Logan have cool sleep?

The Logan & Cove mattress is one of the greatest cooling mattresses because of its breathable constriction. The pocketed coils provide space for ventilation, while the layers of gel foam work to remove heat from the body. This might be an excellent option if you frequently overheat at night.

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