Kurlon Mattress Reviews 2023 and Its Variation

Kurlon Mattress is purely innovative piece of technology. The MSI technology (disturbance on one side doesn’t affect the person sleeping on the other side) and Zero Pressure technology are two of the technologies the mattresses utilise (provides optimum support to the lower back).

Kurlon Mattress

Kurlon is one of the top mattress brands in the nation because of its superb comfort and support combination. But what are the variations of Kurlon mattresses are the main topic of this article. Continue to read!

The Version Of The Kurlon Mattress

The company also produces mattresses that follow closely behind. Read on for more information.

  • Kurlon Angelica

The top and bottom PU foam layers of this mattress are both substantial. Individual coils of pre-compressed pocket springs included with the mattress. This causes the springs to function independently of one another, improving the support the body receives and, eventually, offering excellent back support, regardless of the sleeping position. High-density polyurethane foam use to make the quilt of the mattress, providing a cushioning effect.

 Warranty: Lifetime

  • Kurlon Fantasy

The mattress is constructed from individually wrapped coils of pre-compressed pocket springs. These springs are hence independent of one another. This provides the best help. Moreover, the mattress includes memory foam that reacts to body heat. It provides the best comfort by conforming to the curve of the body. No matter what position the individual is sleeping in, the mattress gives way as one rolls over in bed, which increases comfort levels.

Warranty: Lifetime

  • Kurlon Dream Sleep

The top of this mattress has two side pillows. This makes the mattress simple to use on both sides and provides excellent edge support. Another supportive layer included with the mattress is a Thermo bond felt. This layer provides the ideal amount of support while supporting your complete body weight. The mattress’ Bonnell springs provide top-notch comfort.

Warranty:  5 Years

  • Kurlon Convenio

PU and memory foams are combined in a unique double layer in the Kurlon Convenio mattress. Superior comfort is provided by this combination. The heat-sensitive memory foam conforms to the curves of your spine. High-density bonded foam is another feature of the mattress that effectively supports your body. As the mattress is quilted on both sides, either side may be used.

Warranty: 12 years

Wrap Up

Kurlon mattresses emphasized relaxation and comfort. High-grade memory foam, PU foam, or coir are also used, which provide additional support and keep the sleeper comfortable. No of the season, the sleeper is certain to have the utmost comfort thanks to the mattresses’ durability. Although not concentrating much on mattresses specifically for back discomfort, Kurl-On is a front-runner in terms of comfort and toughness.

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Q. Can the Kurlon mattress help with back pain?

This medium-firm mattress is a fantastic option for the best possible back pain relief. With its blend of soft and high-density bonded foam and box top design, the Memory Foam Quilt reduces pressure points and provides comfort while also acting as a treatment for back and spine pain.

Q. Can the Kurlon mattress be returned?

The mattress must be in good condition and free of any fabric damage, including burns, tears, stains, colour bleeding, fading, and soiling. For all return requests, the original invoice including the business’s stamp and signature must be shown.

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