King Size Mattress: Types, Health Benefits and Buying Guide

Buy a king size mattress if your pocket is heavy and your bedroom is large.

King Size Mattress
King Size Mattress

Stay on this post to learn what a king mattress is. What are its types and health benefits, how can you select the best bed for yourself, and what are the differences between a king mattress and a super king size mattress?

Let’s start with knowing the basics and dimensions of a king sized mattress.

King Size Mattress

People who share a bed with their partner and child should buy a king size bed. This mattress can easily accommodate couples along with a pet or a child. King mattress is the widest among all kinds of beds and gives space to enjoy sleeping.

Dimensions of King Size Mattress in UAE

72 x 85 inches is the dimensions of a king sized bed in the UAE. Mattress dimension varies as per the location. For instance, a US king sized bed is 76 x 84 inches, while a California size is 72 x 84 inches.

4 Kinds of King Size Mattress

King mattresses are divided based on frames like:

1. Metal Frame King Mattress

These bed frames hold extra weights and are durable and long-lasting.

2. Wood Frame with Slats King Mattress

People who constantly change the position of beds with time should buy wood frame beds. Slats were added to these kinds of beds to make them stronger.

3. Platform Bed King Mattress

The king mattress is set accurately in this bed without any extra frame. A box mattress is a typical example of a platform bed.

4. Panel Bed King Mattress

This bed supports the mattress with two panels, a headboard, and a base. These beds can bear the weight of heavy mattresses easily.

4 Health Benefits of King Size Mattress

I don’t think a king mattress will aid your insomnia, but it eases pain. Read further about how a king bed gives health benefits:

  • Achilles tendon and ankle suffer from pain if they can not be stretched out freely. King mattress offers space for full body stretch and pain relief.
  • Sleeping in a spread-out posture allows our muscles to relax completely; this gives us good sleep.
  • Couples can breathe freely on a king bed because it doesn’t pack or compress the individual due to space lacking.
  • You can quickly move your legs or arms so no pain will occur during sleep.

4 Factors to Consider While Shopping for a King Size Mattress

Before buying a king size bed, you should consider room size, space, and accessories (cupboards, racks, or tables). See how these factors help you in buying a mattress:

1. Room Size

The Ideal room size to fit a king size mattress is 12 x 9 feet. Don’t buy a king size bed if you live in a studio apartment.

2. Room Space

Determine that after putting the king bed, you can manoeuvre easily in the presence of room accessories. If you find the room crowded, avoid buying a king mattress.

3. Sleeping Position

If you revolve around during sleep or you are taller than 6 feet, then congratz, a king mattress is made for you.

4. Measure the Bed Frame

In some situations, the king mattress appears slightly more significant than the king bed frame, so measure the frame size before going to the mattress shop.

Is King Size Mattresses and Super Mattresses the Same?

Super king size mattresses are 4 inches thinner than the king mattress. This is perfect for folks who don’t have enough space in the room but want a king size bed.

Wrap Up

No single mattress exists that is perfect for everybody. It would help if you chose the king size bed according to your need. King size and super king size mattresses are almost identical, as both can accommodate partners.


Q. What is the difference between a California king and a king size mattress?

The California king mattress is more significant than a standard king size mattress. The dimension of California king is 183 x 213 cm.

Q. Is there any bed more significant than the king size?

There are four different super-sized mattresses:

  • Emperor: 213 x 213 cm
  • Super Emperor: 229 x 213 cm
  • Caesar: 244 x 213 cm
  • Super Caesar: 274 x 213 cm.

Q. Can a king size sheet be used in a super king bed?

Yes, you can use the king sized bed sheet to cover the super king mattress, but it remains loose as it is smaller than the king mattress.

Q. Are matters the same in all countries?

No. Manufacturers make mattress dimensions according to the bed size, which varies by country.

For instance, in the USA, a king size mattress is 193 x 203 cm, while the dimensions are 180 x 200 cm in the UAE.

Q. Can two people fit on a full-sized bed?

Yes, they can, but they will not stretch their body freely. Couples should buy a king sized mattress or queen-sized mattress for themselves.

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