Inflatable Mattress: Everything You Should Know About Air Beds

An Inflatable mattress is easy to carry and always serves as a back up for surprised guests. In this post, we will learn what an Inflatable mattress is. From where can we buy it, what is the cost, life span, advantages and disadvantages? Keep learning if you need to know everything about air mattresses.

Inflatable Mattress

Inflatable Mattress

This name creates an image of a bed filled with air in your mind. An inflatable mattress is known as an air bed or air mattress, which is lightweight and made of urethane plastic, fabric, and rubber. A full-sized air bed can be used as a functional bed.

Don’t worry; your lungs will not exercise to pump the mattress with air, just like a balloon. The built-in electric pump pushes the air in and out whenever you need it. It is the most comfortable bed ever when this is open to its full size. But besides its entire length, it is light to carry.

Folks keep air mattresses at home as spare and use them whenever surprise guests come. Many of us enjoy sleeping under the stars above the bed, so your inflatable mattress can also be used for this purpose.

Why is Inflatable Mattress So Famous?

Air beds are famous for:

  • Camping with family and friends
  • Back up for unexpected guests
  • Spare bed for guest room

From Where Can I Buy Inflatable Mattress?

Do you believe air beds fit our fast-paced life because most of us need quick solutions? But in this regard, we have to call the right mattress from the right place. You can buy an air mattress from:

Online Stores

The pandemic made us lazy, so we now avoid going for market surveys. All information is available online that made our life and buying selection easy. You must search, compare the cost, see the customer’s feedback, and decide.

Mattress Stores

Buying from Renowned Brands

Mattresses can be bought from brands like Nectar etc. You will get your desired bed at a reasonable price if you directly approach the brand. Also, they will give you a warranty on their products and offer customer service facilities.

How to Use Inflatable Mattress

Air beds are distinct from other mattresses because they can be filled with air and deflate when you don’t need them. Here is the guide on how you fill air into your bed:

1. Inflate Mattress with Built-in Air Pump

Good quality mattresses or branded, in simple words, carry built-in air pumps that only need removing the cap. Once you remove the lid from the pump, it inflates the bed.

2. Inflate Mattress with an Electric Pump

Many of us are familiar with electric pumps. A battery or power source attaches to the pump, and only a button can inflate the mattress. However, numerous people prefer something other than the electric pump because it creates terrible noise, but it’s ok if it makes inflating the bed easy.

3. Inflate Mattress Without a Pump

Need to like pump? Either built-in or electrical, or you want to save money buying a pump. Then there is a way to watch video guides on hair dryers, vacuum cleaners, etc., that help inflate the mattress. Remember, this technique takes a longer time, but yes, your work will be done.

What is the Average Cost of an Inflatable Mattress?

The cost of the air bed varies according to the quality of the material and the accessories manufacturer provides. The average range of air mattresses is $50 to $200 worldwide.

Note one thing; high price doesn’t mean good quality products, so keep an eye on the specifications of products before buying.

You can buy a separate pump for $10 to $20. The pump price also differs as per the size of the pump and the complexity.

The Lifespan of an Inflatable Mattress

Experts say air beds last longer than usual because sleepers don’t use them as frequently as regular beds. The lifespan of an air mattress is around 8 to 9 years if you keep it with care.

What are the Advantages of Buying an Inflatable Mattress?

We have included three convincing features of air beds and believe you will buy one air mattress after reading it:

1. Very Affordable Cost

People are buying air mattresses more than memory foam mattresses, so manufacturers give different packages to attract buyers. If you plan to use an inflatable mattress and then browse in, you will find a pool of air bed suppliers with affordable costs.

2. Mattress Firmness is in Our Control

We fill in or out the air to regulate the air bed’s firmness. It is a plus point overall mattress.

3. Keep You Warm in Winter

Manufacturers used rubbers to make air beds. That’s why the rubber material keeps us warm on winter nights.

4. Portable

It’s light and foldable so you can carry and fit it anywhere. You can spread it in the garden or pack it into a small container.

Is There Any Disadvantage of an Inflatable Mattress?

Yes, there are some cons:

  • It would help if you had a long time to assemble the air bed.
  • The pump makes a noise.
  • Most of the brands offer shorter warranties.

Wrap Up

An inflatable mattress is perfect for surprise guests, outdoor enjoyment and passing a peaceful time under the sky. It is affordable, long-lasting and easy to carry. So get one from Centuary Mattress Store and make your camping comfortable. 


Q. Can I sleep every night on an inflatable mattress?

Though this mattress is perfect for last-minute camping or guest coming, a good-quality bed can be used for sleeping.

Q. Do sleeping on an air mattress cause back pain?

Regular sleeping on an air mattress can cause back pain because it doesn’t support our spines like latex foam.

Q. Why does an air mattress leak?

Air beds are prone to leak because they are made from rubber and are not supported by other hard materials.

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