Ikea Sultan Mattress  Alternative

The Ikea Sultan Mattress  is no longer being produced and has been discontinued.  There’s good news if you have your heart set on a Sultan mattress! Those looking for a Sultan mattress may appreciate the advantages and characteristics of Ikea’s Matrand mattress!

Ikea Sultan Mattress Alternative

It should come as no surprise that they have their mattress brand considering that they provide goods for almost every area in your house. Their Sultan mattress is rare now. However, Matrand is a reasonably close substitute.

It has a dual-layered foam construction that relieves pressure and isolates motion. Give Matrand a try with Ikea’s 365-night trial now if you want a Sultan mattress!

3 Reasons to Buy Ikea Sultan Mattress

Your preferred sleeping position is your stomach.

A firm mattress barely 7″ high, the Matrand.

Thanks to the firm surface, your hips won’t sink into the mattress, keeping your spine in alignment. On this bed, stomach sleepers may sleep peacefully.

You appreciate memory foam.

The Matrand bed is entirely made of foam, much like the Sultan mattress. The Matrand can be a good option if you appreciate memory foam’s sluggish response time.

You have a tight budget.

The Sultan’s cost was one of its main draws.  Thankfully, the Matrand is about the same price as the Sultan.

It costs between $249 and $499, depending on size.  The Matrand is a terrific, cost-effective choice if you’re seeking a great deal.

2 Reasons Not to Buy Ikea Sultan Mattress

You favour latex.

Sultan had a latex variant, whereas the Matrand did not.

We advise the Saatva Latex Hybrid if you’re seeking a latex mattress.

• You sleep on your side.

The firmness of the Matrand may be too much for side sleepers to tolerate. Even if the memory foam conforms to your body, it lacks various comfort layers to ease the strain on your hips and shoulders.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Ikea Sultan Mattress


  • It has a 365-night sleep trial, an excellent price-to-quality ratio, and a detachable, machine-washable cover.


  • Foam has no cooling properties

Ikea Sultan Mattress  Material Information

• The Matrand is around 7″ tall.

• Cover: Made of nonwoven polypropylene with a polyester and rayon comfort filling. Because this cover can be machine washed, your mattress will remain fresher for longer.

• Comfort Layer: A 2″ thick, 3lb/cu.ft. A layer of memory foam moulds to your body over time for a sinking sensation.

• Base Layer: A 5″ thick polyfoam layer provides structural support for the whole mattress. It is sturdy and can hold your weight.

3 Overall Reasons to Buy Ikea Sultan Mattress Alternative

1. It is constructed quite similarly to the Sultan mattress.

Pressure relief provides by the contouring support that the dual-layered foam design offers (especially for back pain). This mattress is going to be a terrific choice for you if you like memory foam.

2. If cost were your first consideration while looking for a Sultan mattress, you’d be relieved to learn that the Matrand is equally affordable. A Queen costs around $350.

3. The Matrand features a detachable, machine-washable cover, much like the Sultan. With this function, maintaining a neat and clean mattress is simple.

Wrap up

The Ikea Sultan is a decent low-cost mattress, but superior options have long since taken place. Ideal for back sleepers who are light, moderate, or heavy in weight. Ideal for stomach sleepers who are light, moderate, or heavy.


Q. How soon, after 72 hours, can you sleep on an Ikea mattress?

You can use all of our mattresses immediately, but remember that a boxed mattress only partially retains its form and comfort for another 72 hours or more. Additionally, it takes your body a few weeks to adjust to the new mattress.

Q. When may I use my new Ikea mattress for sleep?

Earlier before the initial use

It would be best if you gave your body a month to adjust to the mattress and your body to the bed since it’s typical for new mattresses to feel a little too hard. Additionally, new materials have a distinct fragrance of their own. To get rid of any odour, we advise airing the mattress.

Q. Is my IKEA mattress flippable?

For durability, turn your mattress over.

Finally, many of our foam and latex mattresses may be turned over and flipped to extend their lifespan. One side can recover and regain its standard shape as you sleep on the opposite side.

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