Ikea Hovag Mattress Review: Advantages and Disadvantages

“Wait, Ikea Hovag Mattress also sells quality foam?” 

He exclaimed when I informed a buddy, I was writing this Ikea Hovag Mattress review. The furniture business is renowned for its high-quality but reasonably priced furniture. But only some individuals are acquainted with their beds. Not to mention how cosy their mattresses are.

IkeaHovag Mattress

It’s a reasonably priced mattress with all the features you’ve expected from Ikea. People’s primary concern is that the cost is so low (less than $400, though you may be able to find it much lower depending on where you live). 

Can the mattress be that nice for that cost?

Continue reading this Ikea Hovag Mattress review for the solutions if you have any other mattress-related questions.

Review Of Ikea Hovag Mattresses

A pocket spring mattress is the Hovag one.                           

The Hovag is an attractive option if you’re accustomed to resting on this mattress or are considering switching back from memory foam.The mattress’s specs are shown below (from Ikea)

  • Ticking/Ticking: 36% cotton, 64% polyester
  • 64% cotton, 36% polyester, ticking, side
  • Underside ticking/Ticking: 100% polyester

units for pocket springs 

Polyurethane foam 25 kg/cu.m. and polyester wadding are comfort materials.

28 kg/cu.m. of polyurethane foam for comfort.

Lining: 190 pocket springs per square metre of non-woven polypropylene

How To Use And Set Up The Mattress

The mattress is instantly usable. However, the shape can take up to 72 hours to take its final form.

  • After opening the mattress, there can be a fragrance.  Despite being unpleasant, this fragrance is not dangerous. 
  • It may be removed more quickly by cleaning or airing.
  • It may take your body up to a few weeks to adjust to the mattress.
  • Avoid washing
  • Don’t use bleach
  • Never tumble dry
  • Avoid ironing
  • Avoid dry cleaning
  • Use upholstery shampoo to clean.
  • Okay, that is a lengthy list. 

Let’s go more into the mattress’s sleeping qualities. 

Indeed is it more significant than all the specifications?

Five advantages you’ll enjoy

1. Great Value

The Ikea Hovag Mattress is a good option if cost is a consideration for you. Almost all high-quality mattresses are more expensive. 

Ikea benefits from being a big business by being able to negotiate lower prices for all of its materials. You can acquire a high-quality mattress for a reasonable price if you combine these factors with the fact that beds are only one of their primary sources of income.

2. Ikea Makes Quality Products

No, you’re dealing with Ikea, and you can quickly return the mattress if anything is wrong with it or you don’t like it.

You have a 180-night trial; keep this in mind. The only issue is that they refuse to pick it up. If you have it delivered, you must take it back yourself.

3. They offer a 25-year warranty

Also included is a 25-year warranty. Therefore, you may return the mattress and obtain a new one if anything wrong with it isn’t your fault.

Can Benefit Those with Back Issues 

I can’t attest to this one, but I’ve noticed quite a few reports about individuals finding relief from back pain by using this mattress. Therefore, the Hovag could be worth considering if you have back issues.

Firm to Moderately Soft

The Hovag mattress is a fantastic choice if you want soft to medium-firm mattresses for sleeping. Despite being described as a medium-firm mattress on the Ikea website, most users find it to be on the softer side.

Here are several reasons not to purchase an Ikea Hovag mattress.

In our Ikea Hovag Mattress review, we’ve discussed the benefits; now, let’s look at the drawbacks to fully understand the Hovag:


A lot of folks dislike the mattress

Even though many individuals said it was their last hope for relief from back pain, I can’t get over the fact that many reviews mentioned how difficult it was to sleep.The mattress appears to be much softer than what depicts online.

The odour of off-gassing might linger for weeks (or months)

Off-gassing is typical to some extent.  However, it would help if you didn’t have to sleep for more than a few weeks or even months with a new automobile fragrance.  That the off-gassing stench lingers for an extended period is a specific criticism.

Poor Endurance

This is to be anticipated with a low-cost mattress.  After using it for several years, most buyers will need to replace it. The mattress could be more durable since it might droop after a few years, and springs may protrude from the bottom.


This concludes our analysis of the Ikea Hovag mattress. 

Recap: It’s a decent mattress at a reasonable price. 

You can purchase the mattress if cost is a priority for you. Be aware, nevertheless, that the quality of sleep varies somewhat. Additionally, the mattress could be more resilient (it might need replacement after a couple of years).


Q. Can you immediately fall asleep on a Hovag mattress?

To get rid of any odour, we advise airing the mattress. 

When purchasing a roll-packed mattress, you can use it immediately, but you should be aware that it will take 3–4 days to regain shape.

Q. How long must pass before using an Ikea mattress for sleep? 

It would help if you gave new mattresses a month to break in because it’s common for them to feel slightly overly stiff when first used. During this period, your body will also become adjusted to the mattress. 

Additionally, new materials have a distinct fragrance of their own.

Q. What occurs if we don’t open a memory foam mattress within 72 hours?

The memory foam in your new mattress won’t fully expand once it is unrolled and won’t be as pleasant as it may be if you keep it wrapped up longer than is advised.

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