Dunlopillo Mattress Reviews 2023

Customers in the UK and Europe may purchase a range of latex and pocket-sprung mattresses from Dunlopillo Mattress Brand. They provide reasonably priced divans and mattresses with an emphasis on eco-friendly, sustainable latex and latex foam beds. In terms of consumer comments and experiences, the majority of people originally considered their mattresses to be pleasant, although some reports mentioned concerns with firmness and lifespan.

Dunlopillo Mattress

Dunlopillo Overview

A scientist from the UK named Mr E. Murphy created what became known as “Dunlopillo Latex” and launched Dunlopillo over a century ago, in 1929. The history that followed had this as its beginning point. The natural next step was the development of latex mattresses, and from there, expansion in product lines and some innovation in support and comfort along the road led to the creation of the mattresses we see today.

Who Is a Good Fit for Dunlopillo Mattresses?

For individuals seeking a firm and responsive mattress, Dunlopillo models are perfect. These mattresses might not be suitable for people who are smaller or want a softer mattress.

What Distinguishes Dunlopillo From Other Mattresses?

Dunlopillo occupies the premium end of the market and provides its clients with a special mix of latex and latex foam mattresses. Dunlopillo uses full-height pocket springs as their primary product, which serve as the foundation and support layer for most mattresses, in contrast to many of the less expensive bed-in-a-box merchants.

Since it has been so effective for so long, this kind of layer is recognised as the industry standard for complete body contouring and support for your neck and back as you sleep.There are other possibilities than pocket springs; depending on the model, you could also find what is known as a “latex core,” which is used by Dunlopillo as both a support layer and a comfort layer. This implies that latex may be used to build a whole mattress, making them completely hypoallergenic and ideal for people who have allergies while they sleep.

One of the key advantages of the company’s concentration on latex as a comfort layer is that Dunlopillo has a focus on environmentally benign materials and does its part to safeguard the sustainability and preserve the environment.

Dunlopillo Mattress Quality

  • All-around Comfort

Overall, reviews of these latex mattresses are favourable. Customers have occasionally experienced issues with stiffness and durability.

  • Relief from Back Pain

These mattresses will help to straighten the spine for individuals who like firmer beds. Slimmer side sleepers could occasionally need additional pressure point relief.


Overall, Dunlopillo mattresses perform well in terms of cooling, however, some customers have expressed concerns regarding heat retention in the topmost layers.

Wrap Up

The quality of the product’s sleep has received particularly positive customer reviews, which is impressive. Dunlopillo mattresses have a lifespan of up to 25 years for certain clients, which speaks volumes about the beds’ superior quality. According to other customers, the tension offers adequate support and comfort, providing adequate protection against back aches and a restful night’s sleep. Even some clients claim they can’t wake up in the morning!

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Q. What about Dunlopillo mattresses?

Talalay latex is typically thought to be less resilient than Dunlopillo. This is because Dunlop has a significantly larger density. Having said that, both models outperform the majority of other mattress materials in terms of durability.

Q. What’s inside the Dunlopillo bed?

Dunlopillo latex is created by tapping pure latex serum, also known as sap, from the rubber tree’s underside. Harvested sap is whipped into a froth, baked into sheets in enormous steam moulds, and then collected. Dunlopillo layers get somewhat denser on the bottom side as a result of natural sediments in the mixture settling to the bottom of the mould.

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