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A private equity company bought Corsicana in 2022, including the Symbol mattress brand. Corsicana sells mattresses under six other names in addition to Symbol. We’ll go through each Corsicana Mattress Types in depth so you can understand what they cover and decide which would be the best option for you.

Details are as follows:

Corsicana Mattress Types

1. Nightsbridge

The Nightsbridge mattress line from Corsicana provides luxurious mattress styles with 12″ and 15″ thickness options.

The Midnight, Twilight, and Nightfall collections are their three lines.

Some more expensive Twilight and Nightfall mattresses have micro-coils that respond better to the body’s contours, ranging from basic to sophisticated hybrid and all-foam alternatives. These mattresses will work nicely for side and back sleepers searching for luxurious hotel-style choices. The majority of consumers initially have positive things to say; however, some sleepers have problems concerning durability.

2. Early Bird

Three mattress lines are available under the Early Bird name from Corsicana: Performance, Fusion, and Essentials.

While memory foam mattresses from the Essentials brand are more affordable, alternatives from the Fusion and Performance lines provide thicker all-foam mattresses and pocket coil hybrids.

These mattresses, sold on Amazon and at other significant shops, receive positive reviews from buyers at first; however, some complain that they droop sooner than anticipated.

3. Sleep Inc.

Sleep Inc. is another well-liked company from Corsicana. This series offers a range of mattresses, including hybrid, innerspring, and micro-coil models.

Although most consumers say they initially liked their mattresses, some users have complained about sagging within a short amount of time. Ensure that the firmness is appropriate for your body type.

4. The American Bed

Premium hybrid mattresses are available from American Bedding in Corsicana, some of which come with pillow top types. These mattresses are available in profiles of 9.25″, 11.25″, 13″, 14″, and 15″ with a variety of firmness levels. These mattresses have zoned pocketed coils with ergonomic alignment. Most buyers initially appreciate them; however, some have durability difficulties.

5. Renue

Mattresses between 12″ and 14″ thick are available under the Renue brand from Corsicana. The top comfort layer of these mattresses has foam infused with copper to provide cooling and pressure point alleviation. The copper also aids in the mattress’s antimicrobial defense. Customers give these all-foam mattresses high marks for initial comfort; however, some people need help with sagging over a shorter time.

6. Sleep Well

One mattress from the Fresh Sleep line has been carefully treated to prevent the formation of germs, mold, and mildew. Despite occasional concerns about feeling the coils and stiffness, most consumers enjoy these mattresses’ cooling comfort layers and pocket coil support mechanism.

Wrap Up

All Corsicana Mattress Types offer a broad range of firmness alternatives for individuals who want something just for them. More foam comfort layers in thicker mattress types often result in softer sleep and more excellent pressure point alleviation. For stomach sleepers, thinner versions are good since they tend to be firmer so that you don’t sink into the foundation. Despite this, there have been occasional instances of unexpected dips.


Q. Uses fiberglass Sleep Inc.?


Mattresses made of memory foam don’t include fiberglass.

Q. Who makes the mattresses for NightsBridge?


Mattress 12 NightsBridge by Corsicana, 12″ Firm.

Q. Which brands produce Corsicana?

All five of Corsicana’s iconic brands—American Bedding, Early Bird, NightsBridge, Renue, and Sleep Inc.—will have items made for them.


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