Centuary Medical Mattress Shopping Guide 2022

Finding a new bed is challenging, and every brand claims they provide the best mattress. Well—Centuary medical mattress shopping guide 2022 made the decision easy by breaking down all parts of mattress shopping time. This mattress buying guide aids us in getting the right mattress.
Our mattress shopping guide discusses all the points you should consider when buying a medical mattress.

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Choosing the Platform: Online Store or Onsite Store

The best platform for buying a medical mattress is an online store. Because online stores offer a more significant margin in selling price. The genuine manufacturer gives their mattress to intermediary stores where they sell it at a low price. These intermediary shops get incentives and bonuses by selling more beds at a low price. So, you find a pool of quality mattresses at a pocket-friendly cost.
Similarly, when a manufacturer sells mattresses online, they only charge for materials, composting, and marketing; thus, the price is relatively lower than in onsite stores. The inspiring part is we can get customer reviews while finding a medical mattress. Customer reviews help us a lot in choosing the right mattress.

Materials of the Mattres

Mattress material is another crucial point to consider. There are four significant types of material used for mattress making. These include memory foam, latex, innerspring, and hybrid. Let’s dig out each material in detail.

1. Memory Foam

NASA made memory foam then other brands like Tempur-Pedic and disrupter brands acquired it. The memory mattress is soft with low resilience and response.


  • Affordable
  • Perfect for medium-weight side and back sleepers.


  • Sag quickly and release out chemical
  • Foam is hot

2. Latex

This is a natural foam because bed manufacturers use tree rubber. Latex mattresses use 100% latex but some brands cut off this 100% to 90 or 80% to lower the cost.


  • It is the perfect bed for an allergic and sensitive person
  • It gives good support to the spine
  • Fit for all kinds of sleepers.


  • Costly
  • Heavier and firm
  • Too bouncy

3. Innerspring

Traditional spring mattresses use cotton, wool, or foam on the top layer to provide softness. But with the changes of time, innerspring mattresses use memory foam to comfort their sleepers.


  • Affordable and long-lasting
  • Cooler foam because air can pass between springs


  • Spring may affect the pressure point
  • A low-quality mattress will sag instantly

4. Hybrid Mattress

The hybrid mattress combines memory foam, latex, and spring. Springs are different from innerspring as innerspring joints through wires, but these pocket springs link through the fabric. Thus it adjusts to the body structure more accurately and gives comfortable sleep


  • Various designs available
  • It gives support and comfort
  • It offers ease to the spine


  • Costly

Consider the Average Lifespan of a Medical Mattress

In our mattress shopping guide, we included the average lifespan of a mattress as it is a long-term investment. If you buy a latex mattress, it will be with you for 15 years. Memory foam lasts ten yearswhile the lifespan of a spring mattress is 7 to 8 years.
If budget is not your issue, shop for a latex mattress and get a comfortable sleep.

Mattress Size and the Room Size

Identifying who’s using the bed and the room size helps you select the right mattress. Centuary medical mattress stores keep sizes from single beds to king-size beds. A standard mattress is perfect if you’re a single person living in a studio appointment. A king-size mattress is the best match if your room is spacious and has babies to sleep with you.

Perfect Time to Buy Medical Mattress

Though most mattress dealers don’t offer discounts on public holidays, certain shops take advantage of these days. Shop on labour day, memorial day, black Friday, cyber Monday, and president’s day to get a better discount.

Wrap Up

Let’s summarize the centuary medical mattress shopping guide into crucial questions that you should ask before buying a foam.

  • Is a new mattress needed?
  • Which material is suitable for me, and what is my budget?
  • What is the right day, place, and size for shopping for a mattress?
  • Is the mattress too firm or too soft?
  • Does the manufacturer offer a trial period and delivery benefits?
  • How can I get the best deals when buying a mattress?

These questions will influence your selection while buying a mattress. Always go through this guide before planning to shop for a bed. Get a visit to the centuary mattress store, where there is a pool of options with detailed descriptions and reviews


Q. What mattress should you buy?

Foam Mattress is affordable, but you should look at the size of the room, your style of sleeping, and the preferred firmness.

Q. Which is the best mattress?

Latex Mattresses are the best option because they give the spine firmness, durability, coolness, and comfort. A hybrid mattress is also good because it combines foam, latex, and spring. A hybrid mattress is perfect for all kinds of sleepers, but a foam mattress might be the right choice if you like softness.

Q. In which month should I buy a mattress to get a great deal?

May is the correct month to buy a mattress because companies expel older products and make new products in June.

Q. What kind of mattress do orthopaedic surgeons suggest?

Orthopaedic surgeons suggest hybrid foam or the latex mattress.

Q. Which neurosurgeon recommends a medical mattress?

Neurosurgeons say we should get a mattress that keeps our spine straight. Foam mattresses, innerspring and latex mattresses are the choices of neurosurgeons.

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