Birch Mattress Review 2023

Birch Mattress Overview

There is a mattress for every body type and sleeping position in Helix Sleep’s large mattress inventory, the parent business of Birch. When they eventually decided to create the Birch Mattress, an eco-friendly latex hybrid mattress constructed with natural and organic components, it only makes sense.

Birch Mattress

Mattresses composed of natural or organic latex foam have many advantages over conventional foam or hybrid beds, including their longevity, hypoallergenic/antimicrobial qualities, and extreme safety. One of the many reasons we adore the organic Birch mattress is this.

We’ll go over the features and benefits of the Birch Natural mattress in this review, as well as who we think it’s most suited for. Perhaps there’s a particular aspect of our evaluation of the Birch Mattress that piques your curiosity.

Who Should Use It?

  • Those who like a firmer bed made of natural materials
  • if you desire a responsive mattress
  • If you like a soft bed

Who Won’t Love It

  • Those who dislike the bouncy, latex-like sensation of the foam

Birch Mattress Review and Quality

The Birch Natural is a fantastic option to think about if you’re an environmentally aware consumer looking for a mattress with organic and ecological certifications. Those looking for the best spinal alignment and those who want to feel like they are sleeping on top of the bed rather than in it will also be interested in this bed.

A mattress topper from Birch, which helps soften the feel of the mattress, can be added to your order if you would prefer a plusher experience. As an alternative, you might want to think about an all-foam mattress or a hybrid bed that has layers of memory foam.

  • Edge Protection

Due to its base-layer reinforced coil perimeter, Birch Natural provides sturdy edge support. Because of this, the Birch is a fantastic option for those who frequently sit at the edge of the bed or for couples who want to maximise the mattress’s useable area so they can stretch out without worrying about going off the edge.

  • Height

This 11-inch-high hybrid latex bed has four layers. To serve as a natural fire retardant, the top layer is constructed from wool and rayon fibres. Wool regulates temperature, so overheated sleepers may like this comfort layer. Two inches of Talalay latex provide cushioning and pressure reduction below that. Over a base of wool and rayon fibres, a base layer of coiled steel coils provides support and stability.

  • Temperature

The Birch Natural comprises several naturally temperature-regulating fabrics, such as cotton and wool, which drain away moisture, but it does not incorporate any patented cooling technology. Together with the base layer’s coils, the latex layer features holes to aid in ventilation. According to expert reviews, it could be a decent option for

  • Transfer of Motion

Professional reviews claim that this mattress is firm, responsive, and has a lot of bounce. Because of this, it does not provide the best motion isolation and might not be a smart option if you are easily woken up by your partner’s movements while you sleep.

  • Firmness

The firmness rating for Birch Natural is medium-firm, ranging from 6 to 7 out of 10. It’s a wonderful alternative for a variety of sleeper types, particularly light to average-weight back and stomach sleepers who require support and those who switch up their sleeping positions and want to be able to move about with ease. Lightweight side sleepers may find it too firm, while bigger stomach sleepers may need extra support, according to some expert reviews.

  • Reduced Pressure

The mild pressure relief provided by this mattress should be enough for back and stomach sleepers of medium weight. This bed may be excessively firm or not cushioned enough for side sleepers who frequently have pain in their shoulders and hips.

 Wrap Up

The parent firm of Birch, Helix, originally debuted the mattress brand in 2019. Birch has built a name for itself as a manufacturer of eco-friendly and sustainably derived bedding items. To locate the mattresses of your dreams, visit our page. Mattresses of various varieties and sizes offered at Centuary Mattress Store.


Q. How long is the life of a Birch mattress?

25-year warranty for Birch

A 25-year limited guarantee is provided by Birch. During the first 10 years, there is complete coverage for workmanship or material flaws, then there is only limited coverage from years 11 to 25. The mattress’s damage, such as burns and tears, as well as concerns like a change in hardness level (it should note that mattresses frequently go softer over time), are not covered by the guarantee.

Q. How can I send my Birch Mattress back?

Birch Trial: A 100-night sleep experiment

Birch provides a 100-night sleep trial, but you must test the mattress for at least 30 nights before starting the free return process. Simply get in touch with customer care by phone or online to return a Birch mattress, and the business will arrange for free collection. When the mattress picked up, you’ll get your full refund within five to seven business days. If you have a particular charity in mind that you would like to get use mattresses, please mention it to customer support.

Q. How much time does a Birch mattress take to expand?

Birch rolls and compresses its mattresses, resulting in a bed-in-a-box that delivere to your door. Just unbox the mattress and take the plastic wrap off to set it up. The mattress must fully expand for one to two hours before using, according to the manufacturer. The mattress may take up to two days to fully decompress, according to some expert reviews.

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