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On this page, you can get detailed information on Beautyrest Mattress Types, including Silver, Hybrid, Platinum, and Black Beautyrest Mattress.

The flagship mattress in the Beautyrest collection, the BR800TM, is the most reasonably priced option (note: some retailers may change the names of the models to set the price). This mattress is available with a plush pillow top or euro top, a pillow top with medium firmness, or a traditional medium or firm mattress.

Beautyrest Mattress Types

These mattresses have gel memory foam and pocketed coils and are extremely reasonably priced. Initially, customers seem to enjoy these mattresses, but some have complained about the lower-end Beautyrest models’ lack of durability.

Let’s investigate each type:

Beautyrest Mattress Types

1. Beautyrest Silver

Additionally, the Silver line offers a wide range of firmness options and claims that it is more durable than the more affordable ones. Two foam layers and a layer of 900 Series pocketed coils are included in the BRS900-CTM. The majority of buyers found items to be initially cosy. The durability of the foam comfort layers received considerable criticism.

2. Beautyrest Platinum

Compared to the lines above, Beautyrest Platinum provides significantly thicker mattresses. Their choices include the Jaycrest, Spring Grove, and Haven Pines, all of which have luxurious cushion tops.

Although these mattresses aren’t inexpensive, they provide several foam and coil layers, some of which even include micro coils. This line will initially perform effectively in reacting to the body’s contours. Platinum mattresses are popular with customers, although some may experience concerns with foam dipping with time.

3. Beautyrest Hybrid

The BRX3000-IM, BRX1000-IP, and BRX1000-C are the three various hybrid mattress alternatives offered by the Beautyrest Hybrid line. The foam layers they chose to stack on top of the pocketed coil support systems are the significant distinctions (and the price points are also different). Firm, plush, and medium-firm versions are available for sleepers, emphasising cooling in the upper layers.

Overall, these mattresses receive excellent reviews for initial comfort. However, some people may find the price to be deterring.

4. Beautyrest Black

The pinnacle of luxury for the Beautyrest brand is Beautyrest Black. There are three mattresses available, the L-Class, C-Class, and K-Class. These mattresses are excellent for folks who desire several high-quality memory foam layers and a specialised, pillowy comfort level since they come in a variety of firmness settings.

Nevertheless, there have been some concerns concerning these mattresses, the most frequent being their durability.


Q. What is the lifespan of a Beautyrest Black?

7-10 years

Q. What is the lifespan of a Beautyrest Black mattress?

A high-quality mattress should last seven to ten years.

Q. Which Beautyrest is the softest?

The softest of the three versions is the Beautyrest Black + cooling + Comfort mattress, which has a plush pillow top and an additional 2 inches of memory foam. According to the firmness scale, it is about a 4. This mattress offers the perfect amount of body contouring for all body shapes.

Q. Are Beautyrest and back pain compatible?

Given that it combines the advantages of a typical innerspring mattress with the comfort of several layers of memory foam, the Beautyrest Black Hybrid Gladney is regarded as one of the finest mattresses for back and neck problems, especially for stomach sleepers.

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