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The Simmons Beautyrest mattress is a high-quality, cosy mattress with medium firmness. The Beautyrest Hybrid ranks at a five on our hardness scale of 1 to 10. As a result, it becomes a bed that can accommodate a wide range of sleepers and sleeping preferences.

Beautyrest Mattress

This mattress is a hybrid, which mixes foam layers and metal coils. Three layers of foam enhance comfort and responsiveness, with the coils as the foundational support layer. Remember that, unlike conventional mattresses, their one-sided construction cannot be turned over.

You can rotate the mattress every six months to increase its longevity, but it shouldn’t be flipped.

Beautyrest Mattress Layers

The main support layer of the Beautyrest Hybrid is made up of a substantial layer of pocketed coils. Metal springs that have been individually covered with fabric are known as pocketed coils. They can move independently of one another since they are divided, giving off a more responsive sensation and more tailored support.

The thickness of the coil support layer is around 9.5 inches. The coil layer is encircled by a stiff foam perimeter, which aids in enhancing edge support and preserving the bed’s general form. The Beautyrest Hybrid is similar to other hybrid mattresses in that they often offer superior edge support than all-foam mattresses.

Two layers of memory foam with gel infusion and one layer of traditional polyfoam comfort foam make up a three-part comfort system. To assist the bed in maintaining a relaxed, pleasant temperature, Simmons incorporates a cooling gel in the layers of memory foam. This is a crucial characteristic because conventional memory foam tends to sleep heated.

Finally, a quilted fabric cover is placed on top of the mattress to shield it from harm. The cover is made of a unique cooling substance to maintain a cosy sleeping temperature. Since this cover is a part of the mattress, it cannot be removed or washed. Adding a mattress protector cover is brilliant for anyone searching for additional security.

Beautyrest Mattress Performance

1. All-around Comfort

Most Beautyrest mattresses receive favourable first comfort ratings, with customers +1.5 times more likely than usual to describe their bed as soft. However, some people experienced problems with particular models’ durability. The online-direct versions will provide some extra pricing value for those who are disheartened.

2. Reduced Pressure

The capacity of a mattress to release pressure on specific body parts, particularly pressure points, is referred to as pressure relief. The hips, shoulders, and neck are often the key areas to focus on.Very effective pressure relief is provided with the Beautyrest Hybrid. It’s a relatively firm bed, allowing enough conforming to promote comfort while providing the support necessary for good spinal alignment.

3. Relief from Back Pain

Customers are 1.4x more likely than usual to cite a bad experience with back discomfort, even though there are numerous reports of positive first emotions from these mattresses. Over time, however, there have been some claims of dipping and durability difficulties. In certain situations, there can eventually be some problems with spinal alignment.

4. Temperature Regulation

The capacity of a bed to maintain a cosy sleeping temperature throughout the night is referred to as temperature management. This is an essential consideration for everyone, but individuals who live in hot areas or tend to sleep overheated should pay particular attention. With a rating of 2/5, the Beautyrest Hybrid does okay in this area.

The mattress contains a layer of memory foam that is relatively thick and has a tendency to retain body heat. Despite adding cooling gel to the foam, our testers discovered that this mattress retained more body heat than the typical hybrid mattress.

Who Ought to Purchase Beautyrest Mattress?

  • People who weigh less than 230 pounds, especially side and back sleepers
  • Those seeking a comfortable, supportive, and responsive combination
  • Those who are sensitive to mobility in relationships

Wrap Up

The best course of action if you’re set on purchasing a Beautyrest is to do it online, where the materials are more expensive. Beautyrest customers are +1.6x more likely to indicate side sleeping when asked about their preferred sleeping position, meaning their mattresses perform exceptionally well for most side sleepers. While many consumers give in-store choices high marks for initial comfort, some frequently complain about durability over time and more excellent prices than anticipated.


Q. How long is a Beautyrest mattress expected to last?

Generally speaking, we advise changing your mattress every 7 to 10 years. A Beautyrest mattress typically lasts seven years, while particular memory foam mattresses may last a bit longer.

Q. Can you fold a Beautyrest mattress?

Avoid folding, standing, or jumping on the goods, as damage may result.

Q. What materials do Beautyrest mattresses contain?

Two layers of memory foam injected with gel and one layer of regular polyfoam make up the Beautyrest Hybrid’s three-layer comfort system. A substantial layer of sturdy pocketed coils or metal coils individually covered in fabric serves as the foundation.

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