Alaskan King Mattress: Complete Guide 2023

The size of an Alaskan King Mattress is 108 by 108 inches. It is the most significant size offered for both mattresses and bed frames.

The most prominent mattress available is the Alaskan King bed, which measures an incredible 9 feet by 9 feet. If you want to update your mattress to a larger size, consider alternatives like a King or California King. Since you’ll be sleeping on an Alaskan king bed every night, it should be supportive and comfy, just like any other top-rated mattress. You also want to make sure it’s worth the investment.

Continue reading to learn more reasons to purchase an Alaskan King Mattress.

Alaskan King Mattress Size Comparison

The largest enormous mattress now available on the market is said to be the Alaskan king bed. For this reason, it is called after Alaska, the most significant state in America.

It usually has an overall dimension of 108 inches by 108 inches or 9 feet by 9 feet. Due to this, the Alaskan  is more spacious than the Wyoming king and Texas king regular giant beds, and the ordinary California king mattress.

Alaskan King Mattress

  • The size of a California king bed is 72 inches wide by 84 inches long (length)
  • Wyoming king bed: 84 inches wide by 84 inches long (length)
  • Texas king bed: 80 inches wide by 98 inches long (length)
  • 108 inches (width) by 108 inches for an Alaskan king bed (length)

Buyer’s Guide for Alaskan King Mattress

It could be challenging to find an extra-large mattress. Alaskan King Mattresses are less frequent and less easily accessible than other mattress sizes. Because of this, it might be challenging to forecast what customers will get.

  • Setup and Delivery

Alaskan King Mattresses are large and hefty. They can’t fit through most doorways, so purchasing a mattress in a box could be a wise choice (or a bed with separate parts to assemble). Most businesses provide the delivery right to customers’ doors. Any additional services, such as delivery to a specific room and unpacking, would be more expensive.

  • Budget

Being the most prominent bed size, Alaskan King beds may be rather expensive. An innovative strategy to avoid overpaying is to establish a firm budget from the beginning.

This would also assist customers in determining which mattress size they could afford (a larger bed will cost more money). In certain circumstances, it’s preferable to forgo a larger mattress than to push one’s finances too far.

  • Terms of Return and Warranties

Since Alaskan King beds are created to order and expensive to transport, their return policies and warranties might not be as substantial as those offered by mattresses purchased from well-known merchants. If you’re not sure about the mattress, be careful to examine the store’s return policy and warranty.

  • Size of the Area

Check the size of the room where you’ll be placing the bed while looking for a new mattress, especially one of this size: You’ll need space for the complete bed, as well as for the frame and enough area to move around it.

Choose a Texas or Wyoming King, smaller than the Alaskan King but more significant than a California King or King-size mattress if you believe you need more room.

Wrap Up

This size is less standard, so finding an excellent Alaskan King Mattress and bed frame could be more challenging. But it is still doable with a little investigation. Choosing a mattress type that meets your needs for comfort is crucial. Studying the warranty terms for the mattress and the bed frame is essential. Choosing a business that offers an in-home setup could be a wise option for a more pleasant buying experience.


Q. A King-sized Alaskan bed can accommodate how many people?

Four persons can sleep peacefully in an Alaskan King bed. Additionally, this bed size may fit 2 people and a few children.

Q. How large should a room accommodate an Alaskan King bed and frame?

A minimum of 12 by 12 feet is the suggested room size for an Alaskan King Mattress and bed frame.

Q. An Alaskan King size bed is what?

The Alaskan King is 108 by 108 inches. It is presently the market’s most significant mattress and bed frame size.

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