Adjustable Beds Complete Guide 2023

Specially made mattresses on motorized bases make up adjustable beds. Using this foundation, the user may raise the bed’s head, and foot ends. The head-up posture is typically used to treat reflux and snoring. To improve circulation and blood flow, the foot region is raised. The Zero Gravity Position is achieved by raising both the head and the foot portions. This prevents pressure from being applied to the lower lumbar spinal area.

Adjustable Beds

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What are Adjustable Beds

One of the finest sleep technologies available now is adjustable beds. You are free to sleep as you want with them. They can accomplish everything from reducing circulation to relieving back discomfort.

The beautiful thing about adjustable beds is that they come in almost any size you need. You may even get adjustable bases that will fit in your current bed frame, so you won’t need to modify the décor of your bedroom. Your creativity is the only constraint on what you can achieve with an adjustable bed.

Because these beds are more expensive than the norm, consider the advantages against the increased cost. Because there are electrical components that move, such as motors, expects to pay maintenance expenses as well.

Pros and Cons of Adjustable Beds


  • Better Sleep: People who have trouble falling asleep may discover that elevating their heads or feet makes it simpler for them to do so. 

For instance, lifting the top part of the bed can help you stop snoring while raising the bottom half can help with circulation.

  • Comfort: Adjustable beds enable you to alter your resting position, something you can’t do as much while lying flat, which increases comfort. The bed may also be changed in a matter of seconds.
  • Relief from Pain: Adjustable mattresses are quite effective in relieving pain.

You may target various pressure areas and sore body regions by changing the angle, allowing them to heal. Given this logic, it should be no surprise that most hospitals offer adjustable beds.


  • Incompatibility with Mattresses: To use an adjustable base, you must have an appropriate mattress. While most mattresses may be used with adjustable bases, your selections may be limited.
  • The Total Cost: Adjustable beds are pricey to purchase and require a lot of upkeep. These mattresses cost more since they provide several advantages and feature electrical components. There will also be additional costs for the upkeep of the electrical components.

Who Should Buy

People who suffer from long-term ailments like sciatica and arthritis are typically given adjustable beds as recommendations. An electric adjustable bed is an attractive option for older persons and others with mobility challenges since it improves movement and lessens discomfort. An adjustable model can also be advantageous for many individuals who enjoy reading, eating, and watching TV in bed.


On an adjustable bed, a high-quality mattress should last at least 7 to 10 years, if not longer. Although these mattresses typically last less time than mattresses that aren’t adjustable, they can last a decade or longer with proper care and routine rotation.


An adjustable base is an excellent answer to many sleep disorders and general health issues. There is no excuse not to board the adjustable base bandwagon, given that they are available in various sizes and styles.


Q. Do adjustable beds require upkeep?

Motors, gears, and other moving parts in adjustable beds will ultimately wear out and need to be fixed or replaced.

Q. Why can’t some beds be converted to adjustable beds?

Innerspring – Innerspring mattresses are only the best if they are manufactured expressly for an adjustable foundation. Because of the coils, innerspring mattresses can’t flex as easily as latex or memory foam. Additionally, the springs may become damaged from frequent movement.

Water bed: Adjustable beds cannot be used with water beds.

Q. What use does an adjustable bed serve?

Although adjustable bed designs might vary, they usually allow the user to elevate or lower their legs and upper torso. This position can aid with back pain relief by taking a lot of the weight off the back.


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