3 Best Natural Latex Mattress of 2023

A resilient, springy substance called latex is made from the sap of rubber plants. Natural latex mattress conforms nicely and creates a slight bounce as you get in and out of bed when it is manufactured into the foam for mattress layers. 

Natural Latex Mattress

Numerous latex-only mattresses, as well as latex hybrids with coil support cores, have been put to the test by our experts. If you’re looking for a mattress that cushions the body without the intense “hug” of memory foam, we’ve discovered that these mattresses can be a good substitute. 

These mattresses are a fantastic choice if you sleep hot because latex also doesn’t hold onto much body heat.We rigorously tested hundreds of mattress types in-house before compiling our list of the best latex mattresses available. 

These included edge support, pressure relief, temperature regulation, and potential odor evaluations. 

We were also able to assess how each mattress feels for various sleeper groups because our testing crew comprises people with various body shapes and preferred sleeping positions.

Motives to Buy Natural Latex Mattress

  • You live somewhere warm or humid, or you tend to sleep overheated.
  • You feel pressure points all over your body, but you don’t like the memory foam’s deep “hug.”
  • You’re trying to find a mattress that provides the proper contouring and bounce.
  • You should spend money on a mattress that will last.

Motives to Avoid Natural Latex Mattress

  • You desire your mattress to provide close conformance rather than responsiveness.
  • Your buying budget is constrained.
  1. Birch Mattress—Most Comfortable Latex Mattress
  2. Zenhaven—Most Luxurious Latex Mattress
  3. Eco Terra—Most Eco-Friendly Latex Mattress

1. Birch Mattress—Most Comfortable Latex Mattress

Wool batting, which serves as a natural fire barrier, is first sewn into the cover of the birch tree. 

Wool keeps you dry and adds extra cooling, while a second wool layer keeps you even drier. 

Talalay latex, which makes up the comfort layer, gives it a light, springy sensation while gently contouring your shoulders and hips. The pocketed coils in the support core are solid and thick, with additional reinforcement at the edges to guard against significant sinkage.

 The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), a prestigious organization for materials supplied responsibly, has granted certification to the organic cotton cover of The Birch. 

The rubber trees used to make the latex are produced and harvested following environmentally beneficial practices since the latex also bears a Rainforest Alliance accreditation.

2. Zenhaven—Most Luxurious Latex Mattress

Although the stiffness level on either side of the Zenhaven is different, both sides feature comparable patterns. 

The entire mattress is covered in a GOTS-certified organic cotton cover. 

Additional quilting around the lumbar area relieves pressure and discomfort in your lower back. A layer of GOTS-certified New Zealand wool keeps you cool by draining sweat from your body while serving as a fire barrier. 

Guardian, a plant-based antibacterial chemical designed to protect the mattress from dangerous microorganisms, is applied to all Zenhaven models.

The comfort layer is separated into five hardness zones on each side to provide more significant support for your torso and hips and softer cradling for lighter body parts. 

Dunlop latex is highly dense and is used as a thick, common support core between the comfort systems. The interior of the latex layers is vented with tiny perforations to encourage ventilation.

3. Eco Terra—Most Eco-Friendly Latex Mattress

Although they have similar looks, the medium and medium firm Eco Terra versions feel different. 

With an indentation load deflection of 29 to 31, the latter’s Talalay latex comfort layer is somewhat denser and feels firmer than the medium model’s. 

Both versions include organic cotton coverings and zonal pocketed coils enclosed in the pockets. The coverings have organic wool fire shields sewn onto them.

The Eco Terra is reasonably priced compared to other latex hybrids we’ve tested, and delivery is free for all orders inside the United States. 

The mattress has a 90-night sleep trial, and returns are accepted after at least 30 nights of use. Additionally, Eco Terra offers a manufacturer’s guarantee for structural flaws on the mattress.

Wrap Up

Natural latex tends to endure longer when it is placed without any thin or low-density layers.


Q. Is latex a good material for mattresses?

A latex mattress’ distinct texture helps promote a comfortable night’s sleep. 

Even though it is pricey, natural latex is made of sturdy components and keeps its quality over time. Natural Latex Mattresses are often more sustainable, easier to maintain, and eco-friendly than other mattresses.

Q. Does latex make a decent mattress filling?

The distinctive feel of a latex mattress aids in encouraging a peaceful night’s sleep. 

Natural latex is expensive, but it is comprised of durable materials and maintains its quality over time. 

Mattresses made of natural latex are frequently more environmentally friendly, easier to maintain, and sustainable than other mattresses.

Q. Does a latex mattress give you a backache?

A latex mattress is an excellent option for those suffering from back discomfort because of its many advantages. 

It contains no synthetic additions or components and is entirely constructed of natural materials. Back discomfort can be relieved by a Natural Latex Mattress because of its exceptional capacity to conform to your body’s size, weight, and curve.

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