3 Best Mattresses for Back Pain in UAE

When we get a healthy good night’s sleep, our mind works efficiently in the morning. Sleeping is the core of routine that makes our body and mind re-energize. Besides other points that influence our sleep, a good mattress is a significant factor that regulates sleeping, especially for people with back pain. In this post, we have included the 3 best mattresses for back pain. These three mattresses are available everywhere in the UAE.

Best Mattresses for Back Pain at Centuary Store

What is the Role of Mattress in Back Pain?

  • Situations like bad posture, working an entire day at a desk, or illness are the common reasons for back pain, but doctors say the mattress might be the culprit too. Back pain is familiar to everyone, but we should ensure it does not occur because of the bed.
  • Mattresses are designed in such a way that it adjusts to our body shape and aids the spines and back. Saggy, damaged, and old mattresses fail to provide comfort during sleep. Thus we cannot attain a good sleep and wake up with body and back pain.

How Can I identify if Mattress is the Reason for Back Pain?

We know many reasons can influence back pain. Here you will find some signs that indicate bed is the culprit of back ache. If you find any symptoms, then it’s the alarm you need to change the mattress.

You slept at night with little body pain, but the mattress is the problem when you wake up in the morning with worsened pain, then the mattress is the problem. With inappropriate beds, sleepers don’t get enough support.

Similarly, tossing and turning all night indicates a terrible, uncomfortable mattress.

3 Best Mattresses for Back Pain

Our back pain can be combated if our spines adjust accurately. That’s why orthopaedics suggest simply changing the mattress to relieve upper and lower back aches.

Centuary mattress store has scored 3 best medical mattresses that aid you in eliminating back pain:

1.      Mattress with Technogel—Armonia Mattress

People customize their sleep experience by adding a pillow top mattress or filling inside the foam. Armonia mattress contains a 1 cm thick technogel that helps sleepers relieve their back pain.

You know back pain can only be removed if spines and hips come in a straight line. Technogel ensures the straightness of spines along with hip bones, thus giving easy, healthy sleep throughout the night. 

2.      Mattress with Expression Tight Top

Back and stomach sleepers are prone to spine pain because the strain is distributed unevenly in this position. If you’re one of the stomach or back sleepers, you should buy a mattress with an expression-tight top.

Centuary mattress stores carry expression-tight top matter that aids in fixing your back pain.

The Express tight-top mattress contains latex and extra firm foam that straightens the body curvature and kicks off the body pain.

3.      Mattress with Viscopedic Gel

Please note—people suggest you buy the firmest mattress to relieve back pain, but this idea is not valid. Always select a bed with adequate firmness rather than the hardest one. The healthiest mattress may cause muscle pain, so buy a moderately firm mattress.

Once you identify that your mattress is the reason for back pain and plan to change it, go for memory or latex foam. These two are the popular choice to aid back pain.

Mattress with Viscopedic gel is designed per NASA technology and ensures better sleep. With a bed, you get recharge to face the day.

Wrap Up

An unsupportive mattress causes back pain. Find latex or memory foam mattresses that cradle pressure points to align back and confirm body comfort. Always select a moderately firm mattress and supplement it with pillow tops, technogel, viscopedic gel, or expression-tight tops.

Visit the centuary mattress store in UAE and get your desired mattress today to say bye to back pain.


Q. What type of mattress is suitable for back pain?

Experts suggest memory or latex foam mattresses. These mattresses adjust to the body curvature, align the spine with the hip and relieve back pain.

Q. What is the ideal thickness of a mattress for back pain?

A mattress with 8 to 12-inch thickness is ideal for back pain relief. This thickness reduces the chances of sinking, supporting the back and curvature of the spine.

Q. What are the signs that my mattress is the reason for back pain?

You wake up with back pain, turning many times at night, feeling like you’re sinking or rolling in, or experiencing a lump.

Q. What is the best sleeping position with back pain?

Sleep on your side while folding the knee slightly. When we bend our knees, pressure around the body reduces, and we feel light.

Q. Is back pain at night a red flag?

Unfortunately, yes, if your back hurts only at night. First, a mattress is not the culprit if you experience back pain at night. Also, it indicates a spine infection commonly known as osteomyelitis or ankylosing spondylitis.

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